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The 2017 Trends Report is Here

The Voices annual Trends Report illuminates how the North American media and advertising landscape is shifting – as told by the voice over industry.

The Persuasive Human Voice is an Advertiser’s Best Friend

The human voice is one of advertising and media’s most powerful vehicles, able to connect with audiences on a level that is distinct and alluring.

But how ‘we choose it’ and ‘how we use it’ speaks to something much larger: the voice that is chosen can be a direct reflection of the psyche of the consumer.  The medium the voice over is embedded in is a reflection of our times.

Voice Over Selection Can Point to Larger Trends in Media and Advertising

The 2017 Trends Report provides an analysis of how the voice over industry is shifting and offers a unique window into how the creative industry is reacting to consumer behavior.

The insights also point to greater changes in the media and advertising industry as a whole.

How the Voices 2017 Trends Report Collected and Analyzed Data

Via email, telephone and focus group sessions, data was collected from creative and sales professionals from across North America, including content creators, producers, directors, advertising executives, CEOs, business owners, freelancers and voice over sales professionals.

The data collected shines a light on:

  • The rise and fall of types of communications and advertising vehicles, such as apps. Once a hot medium, now almost half (48%) of respondents said that apps weren’t worth producing or relevant to their work.
  • How 2016 was the year of the ‘approachable expert’ persona, sought after to speak to primarily Millennial and Gen X audiences.
  • The increase in bilingual communications across North America, with 21% of respondents indicating that in 2016, they have increased the number of bilingual scripts they are producing.

What is Rising in Popularity – and What is Falling Out of Favor

Taking a high-level view at the trends that were prevalent throughout 2016 reveals that when it comes to media production and communication vehicles, what is popular – and what’s fallen out of favor – include the following:

Rising in Popularity

  • Cultural diversity
  • Measuring marketing campaigns
  • Creating content
  • Optimizing the digital user experience

Remaining of Steady Importance

  • Localizing marketing campaigns
  • Having to do more with less time and money
  • Going viral

Falling out of Favor

  • Print media
  • Having an app
  • Giving out price breaks or discounts

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    Justin D. Torres
    May 22, 2017, 2:54 am

    “Having an App” falling out of favor. That’s pretty quick. There are whole segments of the tech sector dedicated to apps. Maybe it was a bubble thing. Personally, I like the speaking to Millenial trend, it kind of keeps voice over relatively conversational which I love. Great Article!

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    January 9, 2019, 5:02 pm

    Good article. Thanks.