What’s the hardest thing to do in voice over if you’re not in New York or Los Angeles?

Making money, honey!

All across the board, the single most challenging aspect of pursuing voice over as a professional is making a consistent amount of money to call a living, and in Julie Williams’ third edition of “How To Make Money in Voice-Overs”, listeners will learn how to do just that with this comprehensive course in voice over marketing for talent who want to compete in the global voice over marketplace, regardless of where they live.

The course includes almost 5 hours of extensive information from national voice talent Julie Williams as well as feature interviews with industry experts Gabrielle Nistico, Kristine Oller, Rob Sciglimpaglia, Stephanie Ciccarelli, Frank Maranzino, Larry Maizlish, and Jason Sikes.

Reviewed by Voices.com as a “must listen for all”, the value of the information product is relative to where a voice talent is in their career, particularly enlightening for those in the startup phase of their business. The program is well thought out, has excellent packaging and each CD sets the stage putting the material into context.

Voice over pro and author, Harlan Hogan, described “A wonderful source! It’s up-to-date, upbeat, and full of practical, pragmatic advice. I really enjoyed the interviews with various experts in the industry. Well worth the investment, even if you DO live in NY or LA!”

Williams took great care when selecting industry leaders as interviewees, representing a wide variety of highly qualified people sharing credible pearls of wisdom. Represented were minds from the voice over realm including marketing services, marketplaces, law, career consultation, graphic and website design, and audio production.

A bridge to voice-over marketing success, the 5 CD set is an enjoyable companion, including informative segments about:

๏ The Voice Over Business and Industry Changes

๏ Must Have Voice Over Demos

๏ How to Find Good Workshops

๏ Home Studios Even on a Shoestring Budget

๏ Agents and Marketing

๏ Auditioning Online

๏ Search Engine Optimization

๏ Branding

๏ Candor from Casting Directors

๏ Organization / Career Strategy

๏ Networking

๏ Radio Imaging

๏ Legal advice

Julie Williams also provides direction in the form of next steps, regarding:

๏ Career self-assessment

๏ Consider which genres of Voice Over to target

๏ Demos for different niches

๏ Studio Setup

๏ Branding

๏ Websites / Marketplaces

๏ Marketing

๏ Networking

๏ How to take advantage of free resources

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Source: Voices.com


  1. I love Julie’s updated “How to Make Money in Voice-Overs” home study course! This package is awesome. I’ve also enjoyed her previous versions of the program as well. This is a “must have” for ALL voice actors and voice actresses! Every time I listen to Julie Williams on these discs, I get informed and inspired!

    Wayne’s Take on FRiNGE podcast

  2. Just curious if someone could offer some clarification. The above article describes the set as a 5-CD set but when I click on the link to purchase, I am presented with a 3-CD set.

    Can someone advise?


  3. I have not read or listened to this material before, but I am always looking for ways to improve my VO skills and marketing skills. This CD set sounds like the kind of in depth information I could learn from and would enjoy listening to.

    Paul Hernandez


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