White ear buds on orange backgroundAre you studying the art of voice acting or looking for resources to get started in voice overs online?

If you love learning, you’ll love this list of 95+ educational voice over podcasts, sorted by category!
Find voice acting podcasts to help you grow in your business, develop your artistry, hone your technical savvy, spice up your auditioning techniques, demos, and of course a healthy selection of tips to do with “getting started” in voice over here at Voices.com’s VOX Daily blog.


Self-Evaluation for Voice Actors
Why Voice Acting Education Matters
Where To Start in Voice Overs
Learning Voice Over as a Whole
What To Look For in a Voice Over Coach
Givens About the Voice Over Coaching Industry
Put First Things First! The Newcomer’s Training
How To Be a Better Voice Over Student
Recording Studio Etiquette


Making Your Art Your Business
Setting Up a Voice Over Business
Business Basics for Voice Actors
Working From Home and Striking a Work / Life Balance
A Gift You Can Give
Understanding Your Client’s Needs and Being Believable
Rate Sheets and Recut Requests
Beyond the Demo Reel
A Job Well Done: The Role of Communication in Business
Problem Solving
Working Abroad as a Voice Over Talent
Voice Over Therapy

Acquiring Work
9 Tips for a Bumper Crop of Voice Over Work
Areas in Demand for Voice Over Despite Economic Downturn
5 Ways to Getting Voice Over Work
What 100 Clients Told Me
Do You Need a Voice Over Agent?
Top Market Voice Over Agent: A Piston in Your Engine

The Year of Personal Branding
Visual Branding for Voice Over Talents
Behind the Curtain with a Voice Over Casting Director
Making the Most of Your Message

Promote Yourself: Voice Over Strategies
Marketing Your Voice Online
Getting Voice Over Work Through Social Networking
How to Define Your Niche Market
Niche Marketing for Voice Actors
Referral Marketing Tips for Voice Actors
Getting the Most Out of Voice Over Marketplaces
Pricing Voice Overs: A Crucial Aspect of the Marketing Mix
The Promotional Value of Doing Novelty Voice Over For Free
Take Control and Start Marketing Your Voice


How to Make an A-List Voice Over Demo
Preparing to Record a Commercial Demo
Voice Over Demo Dos and Don’ts


Microphone Technique for Voice Actors
Basics of Building a Home Recording Studio for Voice Talent
How To Build a Cost-Effective Audio Home Recording Studio
Recording Software for Voice Actors
Pro Tools and other Multi-Track Recording Software
How To Record Voice Overs at Home or On The Road


Sounding Clean While Speaking Naturally
Accents and Dialects
Helping Hispanic Talent Speak Unaccented English

Get to the Point! A Lesson in Interpreting Punctuation
Acting in the White Spaces
Coloring Our Words
Coloring Words
Giving Depth to Words
3 Voice Over Script Pointers
Finding The Music in Copy
Debating the Signature Voice
How To Analyze and Break Down Commercial Copy
Adjusting Interpretation to Book Your Brand

The Critical Compound: Character Voice, Acting, and Accents
Voice over Improvisation Skills
Core Talents of Voice Over Artists
Communicating Truthfully in Imaginary Circumstances
Finding and Developing Character Voices
Finding Voice Over Character Inspiration in Supermarkets
Voice Matching and Imitating Voices
A Voice Acting Lesson
Kids Voice Acting: How To Become a Cartoon Character
The Characters in My Pocket

VO Genres and Styles
5 Areas of Active Listening
The Layers of Your Voice
How To Be a Professional Announcer
Let’s Talk Promos
Focusing on Physical Issues to Improve Vocal Performance
Getting The Most Out of Your Voice
Finding Your Authentic Voice


Tips and Tricks for Auditioning
The Almighty Playback: Increase Your Audition to Booking Ratio
Auditioning in Your Home Recording Studio
How To Get a Callback From an Audition
Shameless Hollywood Auditioning Tricks
The Myth of Rejection


How to Get Started in Audiobook Narration
Getting Started as an Audiobook Narrator
Good News From The Amazing World of Audiobooks


I Am Enough: Be Empowered and Banish Fear
Being Persistent in Voice Over
How To Be Better in the New Year
Voiceover Stinkaholic
Taking Your Voice From Second to First
Why You’ll Always Be Captain of Your Own Ship
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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I once asked your opinion regarding what truly makes a VO artist successful. Education was right at the top of your list. Earlier in the year, I’d start my day by listening to each podcast with a morning cup of tea, and felt grateful for the opportunity to hear each and every valuable insight and tidbit of practical knowledge gained through these podcasts. Thank you for compiling this list for easier reference, but most importantly, for offering a way to give back to the world of VO, by spreading wisdom from the experts. It’s truly appreciated!
    All the best,

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you SO much for categorizing these podcasts into lists so that it is much easier to cover an entire topic at one sitting. It’s been very helpful and I am loving listening to all of them again. This is one list I plan to keep and reuse!
    Keep up the terrific work you all do at Voices.com.
    Susan Shaman


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