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Targeting Your Global Ad Campaign: The Difference Between Translation and Localization

No matter what language your commercial is in, the difference between success and failure hinges on more than the words in your script or...
Human Translation

Software Won’t Replace Human Translation Anytime Soon

Automated translation tools like Google Translate and Bing Translator have gotten lots of headlines in recent months as they've added features and languages and...

Will Machine Translation Ever Beat Human Translation?

The idea of a future where people can communicate effortlessly with each other in different languages, translated perfectly by machines, is a seductive one....

The Art Of Translation

Have you ever wondered how scripts get translated into different languages for voice-over artists to record? I've been attending a workshop taught by a linguist-translator...

MADCAT to Perform Automatic Translation for Troops

Foreign language translation on the battlefield is a dangerous and expensive proposition, and a job the military wants to see automated.
Infographic style. A weigh scale with 5 people on the left side, and 2 people on the right side to depict the pros and cons on using many voice actors for 1 character each, or fewer voice actors for many characters each, when casting voice over for elearning courses.

Casting Multiple Voice Over Actors: How Many Actors Are Best for Elearning Character Voices?

Casting Multiple Voice Over Actors: How Many Actors Are Best for Elearning Character Voices? The reasons why an instructional designer would require multiple voices for...
A brunette man in a plaid shirt with blue headphones around his neck stares at a computer screen with a confused expression as if he's trying to decipher a voice over script.

How Voice Talent Can Approach Clients with Scripting Concerns

How many times have you landed a voice over job only to be met with a ‘head scratcher’ of a script? Where’s the artistic...
Illustration depicts man reading a script in a coffee shop

How to Write Great Voice Over Scripts

As a client, you want to attract the best voice actors for the job. Quality auditions will always trump quantity - you need someone...
An illustrated graphic depicts a hand connecting the last piece in a puzzle-piece bridge, symoblic of two companies coming together

CEO Blog Series: Announcing a United Brand Experience for Producers and Talent Agencies

Since 2005, Voices.com has been the online destination for producers to connect with freelance voice over talent and complete their projects. This past August, we...
Two account managers sit at their computers in the Voices.com office.

An Extension of Your Creative Team: Behind the Scenes at Voices.com

It takes a village to raise a project these days, but thankfully, those who you include in your tribe don’t have to be limited...

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