A New Way to Earn on Voices: Create Your Projects Now and Book More Work Faster

Tara Parachuk | May 16, 2022

Introducing Project Marketplace: Graphic of Managing Projects on Voices

We’re pleased to introduce Project Marketplace, a new way to get discovered and hired by clients. 

Project Marketplace will provide you with another way to earn, build your business, and create client relationships on Voices.

In this article

  1. The Advantages of Using Project Marketplace
  2. How Clients Will Use Project Marketplace
  3. How To Create a Project That Will Stand Out
  4. Tips For Creating Project Listings
  5. Customizing Your Project Packages
  6. Setting Your Prices
  7. Creating Your First Project
  8. Want to Learn More?

The Advantages of Using Project Marketplace

Less Back and Forth

Less back and forth with clients—you set the scope of work, deliverables, and price all up front. Then, the client simply places an order.

New Ways To Get Discovered

More efficient workflow as you set the project specifications in advance and let the clients come to you. You’ll be showcased in new areas on the website, which leads to more opportunities.

Anthony Pica, during VoxTalk Episode 129 explains.

More Control

You work on projects you want to because you built them. With Project Marketplace, you’ll have more control over the terms of your engagement with clients.

Doing What You Love

Most importantly, with Project Marketplace, you do more of the work you love to do. 

How Clients Will Use Project Marketplace

For those who know exactly what they want, have a specific talent in mind, or simply need a project done quickly, clients will soon be able to browse and buy. Getting your projects ready now ensures they’re approved and ready for purchase when we launch to clients this summer.

How To Create a Project That Will Stand Out

Start with the type of project. Will you be creating a voice over project or a translation project?  Depending on the type, you’ll be guided through a process that asks specific and relevant questions.

Tips For Creating Project Listings

  • Good titles are often precise, well-formatted, and not too long
  • Avoid clickbait titles or offering free work
  • Using project packages where possible may appeal to more clients
  • Set prices you feel are fair
  • Add project examples that represent to clients your skill and experience 
  • Add a visually compelling image that communicates what your project is about
  • Only include client requirements that you really need to get started
  • Proofreading is a critical final step. is recommended.
Anthony Pica, during VoxTalk Episode 129, talks about the need for a good image

Customizing Your Project Packages

The factors that contribute most to how clients select which project to purchase include quality of the talent and their work and price and turnaround time. All voice over projects will include two attributes: High Quality Audio File and Commercial Use License. Depending on how you customize your packages, clients can also receive things like:

  • Script Proofreading
  • Live Directed Session
  • Sound Effects
  • Background Music
  • Split Files
  • Syncing to Video

Setting Your Prices

Wouldn’t it be great to tell clients in advance what the price is, skip the audition, and simply get hired? That’s the idea behind Project Marketplace: projects with upfront prices, a clear scope of work, and pre-agreed to deadlines. 

Non-broadcast voice over, audio production, and translation projects will have a base price that you set, and then you can decide which of the attributes listed above are included in the package. If you don’t want to include them in the package, consider including the service for a fee. We call these extra options “add-ons” and you can charge a different fee for each “add-on.” This is a great way to ensure you get paid for all the extra work you do.

Anthony Pica, during VoxTalk Episode 129, explains why pricing is important.

For broadcast voice over projects, you still have customizable included package options and add-ons, but we’ve added a section for you to specify Local, Regional, and National market rates and set prices for the duration of the license, either for 13 Weeks or 1 Year. For music projects, you set your pricing based on Single Use, Five Use, and Unlimited Use.

You can always adjust your prices later if you need to, simply edit your project listing and save your changes.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve refreshed our Rate Guide to reflect the prices that jobs are completed for on Voices. While we represent the rate as a budget range, you’ll get interest from clients so long as your project price lands somewhere within that range.

Creating Your First Project

Whether it’s voice over, audio production, music, or translation, you can create and sell projects in all these services.

Create your first project today

We look forward to seeing the types of projects you create.

Want to Learn More?

Join me for a three-part webinar series covering all the elements of Project Marketplace and creating your own projects:

Introduction to Project Marketplace – Thursday, May 18 at 1 PM ET
Pricing Your Projects – Tuesday, May 24 at 1 PM ET
Marketing Your Projects – Thursday, May 26 at 4 PM ET

For more help getting your projects set up, check out the Project Marketplace Guide or the Creating Projects on Voices video.

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