A woman with brown hair listens to her phone as she sits on a bench, a man leans against the wall further down the hall.
4 Ways Your Brand Can Use TTS: Part 4 in our TTS Series

Here are some ways you can use TTS to improve your brand: Faster Turnaround Times, Increased Web Presence, Scalability and Affordability.

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Top Ways Leading Brands Are Using TTS: Part 3 of our...

We’ve looked at some of the ways you can use text to speech for your brand, but how are some of the biggest companies utilizing it to grow?

A woman listens to her phone on a bench inside, while a man looks towards her and leans against the wall in the hallway.
How Does Text to Speech Work? Part 2 in our TTS Series

There are dozens of scenarios where the use of TTS can be beneficial. Here are some of the most notable applications for text to speech.

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What Is Text to Speech? Part 1 in our TTS Series

Text to Speech (TTS) tools are a relatively new technology, but chances are you have already seen, or more accurately, heard TTS in action.

Audio Technology
Best Audio Interfaces for Mac

Although most audio interfaces work well on any device, here are the top contenders to use with a Mac computer.

Audio Technology
Top 4 Earplugs For Musicians

When it comes to purchasing earplugs, there is a lot to consider. Here are the top 4 earplugs for musicians in 2022.

Audio Technology
Best MIDI Keyboards of 2023

Keyboards are a crucial part of music. If you have a DAW, you can control every parameter of your MIDI synths and instruments.

Headphones with number eight inside
Audio Technology
What Is 8D Music?

In short, 8D is a form of editing that gives the illusion of physical space when the listener uses headphones.

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Voice Over
Choosing The Right Voice for Your Audiobook

Finding the right source for your voice over project can be tricky. Luckily, finding the right talent has never been easier.

Side view of slim laptop and hands with wireless headphones on grey desk. Blue background. Distant learning. working from home, online courses or support. Audio podcast. vlogger or blogger banner
What Is An Audiogram?

An audiogram is a type of audio file converted into a video by adding a static background and a waveform and some dialogue transcription.

A white man with light brown hair wears headphones as he watches his computer in his home office.
How To Transcribe Audio To Text

Transcribing speech is a delicate process, so this post will explore the best tools to generate transcriptions to help you in your journey.

An animated image of a cartoon man and woman yelling with their hands over their mouths in front of a speech bubble icon and yellow background.
What Are the Most Common Cartoon Sound Effects?

Some of the most popular sound effects in cartoons are the oldest. Here are the 20 most popular cartoon sound effects.

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