A child voice actor, a little girl around 4 years old sits in front of a microphone with headphones on

How to Get Your Child into Voice Acting

Every child loves cartoons, many even want to be in one. Find out how in today's Vox Daily!
An illustrated microphone on a blue background

Infographic: How to Build a Home Recording Studio on a Budget

In collaboration with Jonathan Biran, Catz Audio. If you’re a voice over actor, there’s no doubt that having a recording studio in your home is an amazing asset. Those...
A banner image says "Product Update: Improved Job Statuses" and depicts samples of the job status buttons

Introducing Improved Job Statuses

As of December 12, 2017, when you log into your Voices.com account you’ll notice that your hiring tab looks a little different. We’ve been hearing for some...
An illustration of several hands facing up, with hearts on their palms

Ways to Use Your (Vocal) Gifts to Give Back

There’s no doubt about it: the human voice is a powerful force of emotion. As a voice actor, your performances can move listeners to tears, or fill them...
viewpoint shows two hands on a videogame controller in the foreground, while a brightly lit television screen is visible in the background.

Video Game Voice Acting: Creating Characters in Virtual Worlds

A video game can have an incredible ability to whisk you away into a world of fantasy, pulling you headlong into quests to solve problems, rescue characters...
People put their hands into the centre of a table. They are holding onto puzzle pieces. One is light blue, one is dark blue.

Voice Over Coaching Basics – Selecting a Coach

When it comes to coaching, there’s a lot to consider - and a few myths to bust. For one, coaches aren’t just for beginners. Even voice actors who...
A man sits in front of a computer screen. The background is blurry, however to his left sits a set of headphones. In front of him appears to be a mixing board and vu meters. On the screen looks to be audio editing programs.

Making Your Audio Shine: Tips from an Engineer

When your voice is your product, knowing how to make it sound its best is key. It’s up to you to create your sound, and everything from...
Various data points are displayed on a lit up screen.

Why Voice Actors Should Use Analytics on their Website

As a voice actor, you’re a business owner - and in more cases than not, you’re the one responsible for sourcing your own leads and building relationships...
A stopwatch sits atop various paper currencies.

Get Paid Sooner on Voices.com

Booking a job and creating a great performance is important, but once that’s done it’s just as important that you receive compensation for a job well done. We’ve...
A book sits open with blank pages. Above it is a scene with mountains, a house, people and a car. A rainbow is in the sky, along with clouds.

Bringing Characters to Life

Making a character come alive through voice gives Chris Nichter a thrill. The accent, verbal ticks or even the way he pronounces (or mispronounces) words can tell...

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