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Podcast Intro Sample Scripts

If you want your podcast to be a success that grips listeners, one of the best tactics is to hit the ground running by opening each episode with a snappy podcast intro script.

The podcasting industry is one of the most vibrant and burgeoning media spaces of the moment. Log into any audio streaming service, and you’ll be able to access podcasts that cover a diverse range of subjects. There are scripted podcasts that tell gripping fictional stories, and there are educational podcasts that grant their listeners insight into various topics in the realms of science, history, technology, and more. 

A category of podcasting that has been gaining traction lately is the branded podcast. Branded podcasts are a fantastic way for brands to publish valuable content that markets a product and attracts loyal subscribers, yet engages with them in a deeper capacity than a standard TV or radio ad does. 

When you set out to create a branded podcast, you’ll benefit from crafting a strong podcast intro delivered by a professional voice actor. Podcast intros need to hook your listeners and provide a sneak peek into the episode’s content. Writing a razor-sharp script and recruiting an experienced podcast voice actor is the best way to kick off every new episode of your branded pod on the right foot. 

For Clients Looking for Podcast Intro Scripts

These podcast intro scripts include specifications like voice age, gender, job description, language, role, accent, etc., similar to voice over job postings on Voices.

If you’re looking for a voice actor, the next time you post a job on Voices, you’ll know what job posting format will attract the best auditions. This formatting helps voice actors understand your overall vision, and bring it to life in their read.

For Voice Actors Looking for Podcast Intro Scripts

Feel free to use these podcast intro scripts for your demo and/or for practice! Keep in mind that when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your audition. For example, a 7 to 15-second read of a 30-second script will suffice.

Podcast Intro Sample Script: Goldspotters Podcast



Voice Age:

Teen (13-17)



Job description:

Goldspotters is a musical talent discovery and star-making platform for teens and young adults. Our audience is mostly composed of tech-savvy Gen Zers who exclusively use their phones and social media to find new artists and listen to music. Beyond their role as consumers, however, most of our platform’s users are budding talent themselves, and they favor authentic, DIY approaches to production and promotion. 
We’re in the process of launching a branded podcast called Goldspotters Pod. Each episode will feature a new musician who can provide tips and tricks for newcomers striving to get their big break and establish their names in a transforming music industry. 
In one sense, our podcast will accompany and boost the platform, so the voice actor who performs each episode’s intro will serve as a Goldspotters brand advocate. At the same time, we want the podcast to be able to stand on its own for listeners who don’t yet use Goldspotters, but yearn for youthful, authoritative advice about online music-making and self-promotion.

Art Direction:

The voice actor who performs the intro of each Goldspotters Pod episode will ideally mirror our target audience: adolescents who work hard, harbor lofty dreams, and are bound by their love of all things music. The majority of our users are based in the Tri-state area, so we’re interested in reads with a tinge of that accent, while being open to other interpretations.
We’re looking for a voice who can briefly introduce our listeners to a series of topics related to producing music and getting their tracks heard. Each intro will last around 15-30 seconds, and scripts may range from technical how-tos featuring complicated instructions, to more laidback industry anecdotes or the bios of young musicians. Our host should be able to alternate between precise, detailed reads to a more conversational format with ease, while consistently relating with our listeners through a cool, casual delivery.
(The first three scripts featured here are intended to introduce individual podcast episodes, followed by a script for a standard podcast intro meant to play at the beginning of every episode of the Goldspotters Pod.)






Conversational, Informative, Hip Hop




US New York (New Jersey Bronx Brooklyn)

Word Count:

164, 119, 64, 27

60-Second Podcast Intro Script:

Hey guys! Buckle up for a new episode of Goldspotters, the one and only podcast made to teach rising artists like you how to pave your way in the modern music industry. 

Whether you’re a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, or influencer, you’re sure to pick up tidbits of actionable advice when you listen to Goldspotters. Today, back by popular demand, we’re going to play another round of our infamous game, Which Clip Would You Skip? 

Here’s how it works: we listen to a 15-second excerpt of a track that our listeners have submitted, and we decide whether we’d skip the track if it popped up on one of our playlists.

We’ll explain why starting strong with your song is crucial in today’s oversaturated music biz, and just what to do to grip your listener from the get-go. By the end of this ep, you’ll be able to identify the exact formula to turn your song into twenty-four karat gold in its first few seconds.

30-Second Podcast Intro Script:

Are you a musician who’s built up a social media presence and now you’re looking to make the leap from your home studio into the bonafide recording industry? 

The path to stardom used to be a long and winding journey, especially if you lived far away from an entertainment hub, or didn’t have any connections in the industry. That’s why marketing yourself online is the way to go today.

In this episode of Goldspotters, we’re over the moon to have guest host Charley Collin$, whose music video parodies unexpectedly catapulted him into worldwide fame and landed him a record deal. 

15-Second Podcast Intro Script:

What’s up guys? Welcome back to Goldspotters, the pod all about cutting your teeth and getting noticed in the music biz. 

Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at crafting original cover art that captures both the vibe of your track and who you are as an artist. Plus, I’ll teach you how to create a looping visual to enliven your image on streaming platforms. 

Listen to a read of this sample script performed by AJ Finelli:

You can also hear this podcast intro come to life in an episode of Mission Audition, where voice actor and coach Brian McKeever evaluates a handful of auditions by voice actors performing their best reads of this very script!

10-Second Standard Podcast Intro Script:

[The faint sounds of a chopped & screwed gospel sample fade in.]

And… we’re… back! 

[A record scratches.]

Welcome to Goldspotters, the pod that tells you what’s gold (and what’s old) for young people making their way into the music biz today.

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        Hi Abrar,

        This sample script is intended as a resource that you can use to practice and/or produce a new voice over demo without running the risk of copyright infringement. To audition for jobs on our platform and start making money as a voice actor, the first step is to sign up for a Voices talent account.

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      I’d encourage you to read up on our different talent membership levels to determine the option that works best for you. Once you’re ready, you can sign up for a Voices talent account and begin submitting auditions to jobs on our platform.

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    I have been an elementary school teacher for 12 years. I have always enjoyed reading out loud. I also trained with a local talent agency called GAGE, training for landing jobs for commercials, and getting acting auditions. My coach said I excelled best in reading of scripts for commercials.

    With these experiences, do you think I would do well doing voice overs? How do I get gigs?

    • Oliver Skinner
      September 14, 2020, 10:26 am

      Hi Crystal,

      It certainly sounds like you have what it takes to get into voice acting. The best way to begin is by leafing through our Beginner’s Guide to Voice Acting, which provides a rundown of all the key features of the voice over industry. Then, once you’re ready, you can sign up for a Voices talent account, complete your profile and begin building your online presence, and submit auditions for voice over work listed on our platform. You may also benefit from our video series that can lead you through the process of setting up your account.

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    Hi, Can I do the 15-minute podcast in British instead of Us New York? I want to do it in British to put it as a demo. Also, I can’t speak in this accent.

    • Oliver Skinner
      September 30, 2020, 11:43 am

      Hi Nada,

      You sure can. The accents listed here are only guidelines, and they’re completely open to interpretation. Record this script in any accent you’d like.

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    Hi Very nice 👍

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    • Oliver Skinner
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      Hi Baibhabi,

      Take a look at our FAQ page that covers all you need to know about responding to job postings. Feel free to reach out to if you have any trouble or any other questions arise.

  • MJ
    April 20, 2021, 5:11 pm

    Hello, can I use this script as a sample to demonstrate my mixing skills to my clients. Thank you in advance!

    • Oliver Skinner
      April 26, 2021, 11:38 am

      Hi MJ,

      Go for it!