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A collage image shows six individuals, three males and three females, who appear happy, friendly, and mature.
For Voice Actors
Report: The Future Looks Golden for Senior Voice Over

Middle-aged and senior voice over is becoming more popular. Learn why demand is shifting, and what it's like to be a mature voice actor.

Cartoon voice actor Shelly Shenoy in her voice booth.
For Voice Actors
How I Became a Successful Cartoon Voice Actor

Becoming a successful cartoon voice actor can be challenging. Voice coach and actor Shelly Shenoy shares her success story.

Image of how to get into character
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How Voice Actor and Coach Rachel Alena Gets Into...

Voice coach and actor Rachel Alena on how to get into character for your next gig. She uses her real life experience and examples.

A man sits in front of his computer with a coffee in hand. He's looking at spreadsheets that are tracking business income.
For Voice Actors
Money Matters: Is Your Voice Over Business Profitable?

Find out if your voice over business is profitable in 5 easy steps! Learn what you need to make to be profitable and identify tax write-offs.

A banner image says "Product Update: Improved Job Statuses" and depicts samples of the job status buttons
For Voice Actors
Introducing Improved Job Statuses

Thanks to feedback from voice over talent community, Voices's Job Status icons and definitions are better than ever! Learn more now.

A man sits in front of a computer screen. The background is blurry, however to his left sits a set of headphones. In front of him appears to be a mixing board and vu meters. On the screen looks to be audio editing programs.
For Voice Actors
Making Your Audio Shine: Tips from an Engineer

Great tech enables great talent! Get tips from audio engineer Bryant Falk on how to make your audio sound great.

Various data points are displayed on a lit up screen.
For Voice Actors
Why Voice Actors Should Use Analytics on their Website

Your website can do more than inform your clients about your services - it can also serve up some valuable data. Find out how to leverage it!

A stopwatch sits atop various paper currencies.
For Voice Actors
Get Paid Sooner on Voices

Are you optimizing the Voices payment process? Find out what you can do to make it work better for you!

A book sits open with blank pages. Above it is a scene with mountains, a house, people and a car. A rainbow is in the sky, along with clouds.
For Voice Actors
Bringing Characters to Life

Being in character can be difficult - but it can also be a thrill. Chris Nitchter loves character work and gives tips on staying in character.

A man sits surrounded by equipment like headphones, a soundboard, a preamp and speakers. You can see the man's hands and arms only as the operate the computer and the preamp.
For Voice Actors
What’s on Your Tech Wish List?

Looking for something new to put in your booth? Or a good mic recommendation? Learn what top talent can't live without!

A man and a woman stand next to each other in a room with soundproofing. The man is holding a script and the woman is standing next to him, smiling. A microphone is in front of both of them.
For Voice Actors
Dialect Coach to the Stars Denise Woods on Creating...

Denise Woods, dialect coach to the stars, shares her experience keeping actors stay in character and tips for helping you sustain yours.

Man pondering something; appears confused.
For Voice Actors
An Artist in Transition: Finding Your True Voice

What do you do when you don't sound like "you" anymore? When you find your identity in a voice that isn’t yours, you lose yourself.

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