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Stained glass window of Maleficent the witch from Disney's Sleep
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Who Are The Top 10 Disney Villains?

Whatever the reason for the current uptick and trend of villains, we’re here to break down the top ten Disney villains of all time.

A brunette woman with a blue shirt holds her ear as she speaks into a microphone.
How Tos
How to Make Your Voice Raspy

Raspy voices are prevalent in voice acting. If you are trying to play many characters, you might want to make your voice sound raspier.

A manuscript and laptop on a table. The manuscript shows red pen markings to show how a narrator makes notes in the margins of a book to help themselves prepare for the narration recording.
Tips and Tricks
How to Make an Audiobook – Narrator Recording...

Audiobook narrators share their strategies for preparing an audiobook before sitting down to record. These in-depth tips will help all narrators better hone...

A brunette woman wearing headphones speaks into a microphone in front of a blue background.
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How to Make Your Voice Deeper

Do you want to learn how to make your voice deeper and discover some tricks and techniques you can deepen your voice? Read on!

An animated blue fish with yellow fins smiles towards the camera while smiling in the ocean.
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Who is the Voice of Dory?

In this article, we look at the history of Dory, her growth in popularity, the voice actor behind the beloved character from ‘Finding Nemo’.

A young orange clownfish smiles towards the camera in front of a blue background.
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Who is the Voice of Nemo?

Who is the voice actor of Nemo? Is it someone famous, like Ellen Degeneres for Dory, or an unknown child voice actor? Read on to find out!

An African American woman with a yellow shirt smiles as she talks with a white male colleague on her computer.
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How to Share Screen on FaceTime (For Live Sessions)

Since it's such an important feature for voice actors, how do you screen share on FaceTime? We will show you how in this article.

Olaf the snowman is looking away from the camera, in front of a blue background.
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Who Is the Voice of Olaf?

Olaf the Snowman is a loveable character featured in Walt Disney’s most beloved animated film franchise, Frozen.

A microphone sits in a stabilizer.
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Best Voice Over Microphones in 2022

What are the best microphones for voice over in 2022? We put together this guide to help you choose the right microphone for your voice.

An intelligent speaker sitting on a windowsill
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Smart Speakers: Why Amazon Alexa and Google Home Are...

The interface between technology and society is eroding to make way for a new connection: a voice-based user interface in your home.

African american man recording video acting audition.
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The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts For Self Taping...

We got the best do's and don'ts from voice actors, who have had experience with recording self tapes for on camera auditions.

Professional digital camera recording video blog of businesswoman
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How to Nail a Self-Tape in an On-Camera Audition

This piece will give you insight into what skills are needed during self tapes for on camera roles and show you the skills you already have.

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