Voices is Now Your Audio Services Marketplace: How Creatives Get More Done

Earlier this year we rebranded as Voices, and announced our intention to become an audio services marketplace. It’s been an exciting journey and with the addition of these new services, our mission of connecting clients with talent has expanded to bringing creatives together, creating an even larger community of like-minded professionals. 

In the past six months, we welcomed many creative talent who are ready to promote their services, skills, and abilities. Today there are more than 2 million registered talent on Voices, including experts in the areas of voice over, audio production, music, and translation.

Starting today, you can find:

  • Over 2 million voice talent
  • Over 35,000 translators
  • Over 11,000 audio producers and audio editors
  • Over 15,000 music composers and singers

Why are we branching out? It’s a fair question since, for fifteen years, you’ve known us as the place to go for voice over talent. We’re certainly still the world’s largest source for professional voice talent, but we’re excited to now also offer other audio services with the same efficiency and professional quality. 

The Human ‘Voices’ is at the Heart

The human voice is really at the heart of every message and is the first point of contact that consumers experience with your brand. From introducing a new product or service to advocating for a social cause, or perhaps the more routine training and career development videos, each message begins with a voice. 

Voice, Flanked by Pre- and Post-Production Services

If we agree that voice is the center, preceding the voice are pre-production services such as writing and translating the script. And, once the voice is recorded, post-production services are often required, including audio editing, production, and mixing in music and sound effects.

Starting Today…

The Voices platform just got bigger. You can now post jobs and get responses from professional creative talent in three new and complementary services, specifically audio production, music, and translation.

In the Audio Production service, you can find talent who have expertise in the following skills:

  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Sound Design
  • And many more

For those of you looking for musical elements, you can find musicians in these areas:

  • Jingles
  • Music Composition
  • Singers
  • And many more

Recognizing that businesses around the world have important messages to share, we’ve also added a new translation category so you can find translators in:

  • Cantonese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • And many more

So how do you find these talented creative professionals?


Browse our Explore feature, a directory organized by service where you can simply point, click, and listen to or view demos and portfolio samples. 


Search for freelancers by keyword, service, skill, location, and more. Depending on the service, you’ll be presented with tailored results. Try it out here.

Post a Job

When you post a job on Voices you can pick the type of audio service you’re looking to hire for. Select between voice over, audio production, music, and translation, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way.

As you navigate around the website, you’ll likely notice additional improvements to the experience. Let’s start with posting a job. 

On Voices, the creative process begins with a job post. That’s why, with the launch of new audio services, we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into how clients post jobs. We want to keep the ease of use and level of detail in our job posting form many of you said you liked while also ensuring the job posting form is purpose-built for each of the audio services we offer. There are many exciting additions to the new and improved job form

Once your job is posted, you can now find the perfect talent to complete the job. In the search and browse section, you’ll be able to select any of our four audio services, or choose to browse all talent. When you select one of the four audio services, you’ll be taken to a Skill-hub page, where all of the Skills our talent offer within that specific audio service are listed. Now, given our immense history and familiarity with voice over, we’ve got some additional ways to browse voice over talent, like by Language, Voice Age, Accents, Style, and Role. 

One of the primary reasons our clients and talent continue to view Voices as their marketplace of choice for audio services is our ability to quickly and accurately match the right talent to a client’s job. We do this through VoiceMatch™; our proprietary matching algorithm that matches clients with the most qualified talent for their job and matches talent with the jobs best-suited to their skills. VoiceMatchTM takes the work out of searching for the right talent and is another area that we’ve recently made improvements. Learn more about how VoiceMatchTM will help with your next project. 

With new audio services comes new ways you can organize your job list and responses on Voices. Easily identify your job’s service using new service labels, quickly find jobs using the new Show filters, and stay informed about any new responses using our new labels.

No matter what the job, timeline, budget, and level of experience, Voices is your definitive destination for all audio services.

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  • Avatar for Stuart Jay Hunter
    Stuart Jay Hunter
    July 28, 2021, 11:43 am

    Hey I’m someone new to this app and I wanted to ask how do I get the best out of this app and how do I start getting hired for jobs

    • Avatar for andrew
      August 10, 2021, 9:46 am

      A guest account is a great way to get started and get familiarized with the platform. You’ll be able to create your profile and upload demos, as well as get a head start on reading some of our best practices. With a guest membership you’ll be able to audition for jobs you have personally been invited to by clients, but in order to audition for other jobs and to be invited to more jobs via VoiceMatch, you will need a Premium Account,

      To get started, the best place to begin is
      You can learn about our different membership levels here:
      Get answers to your frequently asked questions here:
      And feel free to contact us for support anytime

      Best of luck,

    • Avatar for andrew
      August 16, 2021, 3:33 pm

      Hi there, Stuart.

      The first thing you must do after signing up to be considered for jobs is to fully complete your profile, including demos and samples, all properly tagged and formatted so that they appear in our search.

      Here’s a great step-by-step guide to finding work with us:

  • Avatar for Joan Kamau
    Joan Kamau
    July 29, 2021, 9:46 am


    I am a business voice over artist from Nairobi Kenya interested in finding work, how do I submit my voice/work for companies who need my service?

    Many Thanks.

    • Avatar for andrew
      August 16, 2021, 3:32 pm

      Hi there, Joan.

      To be listed in search for jobs, the first thing you must do is fully complete your profile, including demos and samples, all properly tagged and formatted so that they appear in our search.

      Here’s a great step-by-step guide to finding work with us: