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Coming Soon: Top Talent Status

We’re excited to share with you a new talent program that will recognize your accomplishments on Voices. Before the end of the year, Talent who have completed 100 jobs on Voices will be awarded Top Talent status, a new earned status in the upcoming Achievements Program. We want to provide a way for our best talent to be visually recognizable on Voices, and reward their earned success with “Top Talent” status.

The Top Talent badge will initially appear within talent accounts, and most importantly, on public profiles, which receive the most client visits on our site. Top Talent status will include visibility throughout the platform, with the badge in key places where clients are evaluating talent, as well as the recently launched “Editors’ Picks” feature that showcases talent on our Home Page.

Top Talent status is earned, not based on membership level, so if you’ve completed 100 jobs on Voices, you’ll earn Top Talent status before the end of this year, whether you’re a Guest, Premium, or Platinum member. 

Other Top Talent Perks and Benefits

  • Top Talent badges on profile pages letting clients know to go to you first 
  • Top Talent filters on Search, allowing clients to find you easily
  • High visibility homepage placement in ‘Editors’ Picks’ feature
  • Included in curated Favorites lists featured on the website
  • Priority support

What Does This Mean for Voices Talent?

You’ll continue to receive job invitations that are the best fit for you and your skill set, and you’ll have the opportunity to work toward Top Talent status by completing 100 jobs on the platform. If you’ve already achieved 100 jobs on the platform, we’ll let you know once the Top Talent status rolls out (planned for the end of 2022) and you will automatically start seeing the badge on your profile.

We’re excited to introduce this new status to you, give you something to work towards, and reward you when you achieve the milestone of completing 100 jobs by providing higher visibility and additional perks.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, please let us know at [email protected]

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