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Google Home Actions Voice Over Script Examples

Keaton Robbins | July 9, 2019

For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for Google Home Actions

The scripts include specifications like voice age, gender, target market, artistic direction, accent, etc., much like voice over job postings on Voices. So, if you’re looking for a voice actor, the next time you post a job on Voices, you’ll have an idea of how to format your job posting in order to get the best auditions back. This formatting helps voice actors to better understand the vision you have for your project, and bring it to life in their read.

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  1. For Clients Looking for Voice Over Script Examples for Google Home Actions
  2. For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts
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For Voice Actors Looking for Voice Over Practice Scripts

Feel free to use these scripts for practice reads and demos! Keep in mind that, when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read. For example, a 5 to 7-second read of a 15-second script will suffice for your audition.



Voice Age:

Young Adult



Job description:

StadiumSearch is a cutting-edge voice application exclusively for the Google Home smart speaker.

The Google Home Action synchronizes with Google maps data and ticketing exchange companies to track down the cheapest, last-minute tickets to sporting events closest to the Google Home user’s location. 

After the purchase, the Google Home Action will instantly send scannable e-tickets to the user’s phone (as long as it’s paired with the StadiumSearch Action) and a real-time traffic update, suggesting the fastest route to the stadium from the user’s location.

StadiumSearch’s headquarters is based out of Detroit, Michigan, right downtown on Woodward Ave. 

StadiumSearch is looking for a signature voice who can be the exclusive voice of the application. The voice actor would have to be willing to sign an exclusivity contract with StadiumSearch to ensure they would continuously provide their voice as the voice application is updated.

Art Direction:

We need an approachable and entertaining male voice for our Google Home Action. This is a voice that our target demographic (males aged 20-45) needs to trust and want to interact with, time and time again. 

This is a cool and conversational voice that sports lovers would instantly connect with, no matter where they live in the U.S.

No accent is preferred, however, we don’t want a hyper-local accent that detracts from the user’s experience and the end goal of purchasing fast, last-minute sports tickets in their home.


Voice Applications




Engaging, Athletic


English (North American)


US General American (GenAm)

Word Count:

173 words, 110 words, 73 words

1-Minute Google Home Action Voice Over Script Sample:

Welcome to StadiumSearch, your destination for last-minute tickets in your backyard. 

Prompt One: Would you like to know what games are happening nearest to you tonight?

Prompt Two: Perfect. There are three different games happening tonight within a one-hundred-mile radius of your current location. We’ll list them from closest to you, to furthest away.

The Tigers are taking on the Sox at the Detroit Bank Field in three hours. One hundred and twenty tickets are left, with the cheapest listed at ten dollars. You are four miles away from the venue.

Detroit FC hosts the Ann Arbor Anchors at Hamtramck Stadium in three hours. Fifty-five tickets are left, with the cheapest listed at eighteen dollars and fifty cents. You are ten miles away from the venue.

The Saginaw Flags are hosting the Flint Birds at the Memorial Arena in three and a half hours. Thirty-one tickets are left, with the cheapest listed at seventeen dollars. You are ninety-eight miles away from the venue.

35-second Google Home Action Voice Over Script Sample:

Hey, what would you like to do on StadiumSearch?

Prompt One: Would you like to search by venue? Just say ‘search by venue’ and speak the full venue name to see if there is a game tonight and what tickets are still available.

Prompt Two: Ok. It sounded like you were looking for events at the Coliseum Arena? Is that correct?

Prompt Three: There is one basketball game happening at the Coliseum Arena tonight in San Francisco. The San Francisco Fighters are taking on the Houston Jets in under four hours. Two hundred and ninety-four tickets are left, with the cheapest going for fifty-nine dollars. You are thirty miles from the venue.

25-second Google Home Action Voice Over Script Sample:

Alright! You’ve just purchased four tickets to watch the San Francisco Fighters versus the Houston Jets at the Coliseum Arena, for tonight at seven pm Pacific Standard Time. 

Your total is three hundred dollars and seventy-nine cents.

Do you want StadiumSeach to send your tickets to your cell phone? 

Prompt One: I have your number as 218-923-1336. Is this correct?

Prompt Two: Awesome. I just sent your e-tickets directly to your phone.

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