As people remember what would have been the front man of Queen, Freddie Mercury’s 67th birthday, one can’t help but recall that beautiful voice and its owner’s incomparable mastery of his instrument. Silenced but not forgotten, Mercury’s voice lives on in vinyl and digital media and through Freddie Mercury impersonators.

In the world of voice, being able to manipulate an instrument to sound like someone else is often called voice matching.

Canada has proven a fertile ground for celebrities and those who can imitate them. Elvis impersonator, Roy LeBlanc, hails from St. Thomas, Ontario. Marc Martel, who is currently on stage with the Queen Extravaganza Tour as Freddie Mercury, is originally from Montreal, Quebec.

Martel, formerly of the Canadian band Downhere, whose music has been described sonically as a blend of Queen and Maroon 5, was an obvious choice when casting for the role of Freddie Mercury in a contest held a couple years back. His contest entry “Somebody to Love” received over 6 million views, earning him a spot on the 2012 Queen Extravaganza Tour.

The next time you turn on the radio, you might just hear a familiar voice coming from a different source.

FickrCC/Madolan Greene



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