Building a voice over business has never been easier – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work. Savvy voice over actors know that in order to find voice over work online, it will involve taking time to prospect the right voice over jobs for your voice.

Here are some tips and tricks to effectively finding voice over auditions and voice over jobs online.

Freelance Voice Over Work is Akin to Running a Small Business

The freelance professional lifestyle is often held up as ideal. On the face of it, being a freelancer appears to have a certain amount of freedom and flexibility that others yearn for. And while this certainly is true in many instances, what often goes unmentioned is how those who work gigs, tend to spend far more time looking for employment than traditional employees might suspect.

Working as a freelance voice actor is akin to running a small business. Like any other entrepreneurial endeavor, it takes talent, time, dedication, grit, ingenuity and a passion for lifelong learning.

One estimate indicates that the voice over artist’s job hunt takes up as much as one-quarter to one-third of his or her time. This includes sending out emails, submitting to voice over auditions, attending networking events, creating demo reels and maintaining a website and/or artist profiles on sites such as

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Be Selective When Auditioning to Voice Over Jobs Online

No matter whether you’ve been in the voice acting business for a while or are just starting out, when you’re looking for voice over jobs online, it pays to know where to look and what to look for.

For instance, when you’re reviewing a voice over job posting, some bits of information are more important than others. Voice acting has so many different criteria that factor into it, including the vocal requirements, creative direction, roles, vocal styles, and more. The key to understanding if this is the right job for you, is knowing your own voice and your brand.

As you gain experience in the voice acting field and look at more and more jobs, you’ll become experienced at spotting great opportunities that you have a really good shot at landing. Becoming knowledgeable and being selective can serve you well as you navigate through the thousands of opportunities that may come your way.

Knowing What to Look for in a Voice Over Job Posting

When you first see a job posting that interests you, you want to double-check a few key specifications about the job, including the following:

  • Language, Accent and Dialect: Be honest with the languages, accents and dialects that you can perform in, as many clients can spot an authentic sound from one that’s not as polished. If you’ve received language training or dialect coaching, indicate your level of fluency or comfort with the required language when submitting your audition and proposal.
  • Gender: On a similar level of importance, clients state in their job postings the gender of voice they want (although many auditions are open to both genders). While some voice actors can convincingly change the gender of their voice, this skill is rare and with the number of opportunities out there for both genders – there’s no need to stress over a job that has requirements that don’t match your skills. There are more opportunities out there that will suit you better!
  • Work type: Identify the type of work the job listing is for. Different types of work include radio and television commercials, animation for film and cartoons, audiobooks, and so on.
  • Deadline to receive auditions: Consider when the client has set the deadline to receive auditions. If you aren’t able to audition in time or are booked solid when the client needs the voice-over recorded, you need to pass on the opportunity. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re available when you aren’t and then potentially disappoint and come across as being unreliable.
  • How the client needs the work delivered: Most of the time the client wants it uploaded to a website, but the possibility remains that some clients may require that you have access to ISDN, phone patch, or Source-Connect.
  • Pay rate: This may be the deal maker or deal breaker for some people. Does the pay line up with the amount of work required? Look for a budget range and compare it with the amount of time it will take you to complete the work. Note that you can quote whatever you choose for any voice over job, but never settle for any rates that you feel aren’t in alignment with your worth.

Auditioning The Script

Most voice over agents and clients often provide vocal artists with a written script. When auditioning, it’s best not to read the whole script (read approx 15 seconds or so and then move on).

If you want to try your hand on some Voice Over Sample Scripts, these can also be useful to helping you stay in fine form for auditioning – or to serve as copy for your next demo.

Getting Paid for Voice Over Work

Voice-over work pay is generally based on project type, as opposed to hourly. Negotiating fair pay can be tough work and assertiveness is definitely a plus.

As you’ve now discovered, there’s a lot more to this profession than meets the eye. If you thrive on challenge and constant change, you’re an excellent candidate for this career path. If not, you may want to consider making a more gradual entrance into the voice over industry as you adjust to the ever-changing nature of the profession.

Underscoring The Importance of Evaluating Work Opportunities Before Auditioning

When you’re looking for work and different job opportunities, it’s important to take the time to research and evaluate the postings to find a good match for your skills and abilities. Some due diligence on your part can help inform you beforehand when making the decision to audition or not. Understanding how a voice over can impact you personally should factor into this process. What we mean is that you need to weigh the opportunity with your own values and beliefs before pursuing it. Your integrity is far more important than making a quick buck.


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