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How You Can Use Your Voices Profile Statistics to Improve Your Client Prospecting

No one has your voiceprint – you are the only one that sounds like you! That means you have a sound that’s all your own. While describing that sound can be challenging, doing so correctly on your profile is an important part of booking work on Voices.

Even if you’ve filled out your profile in full, there might be information you can put to use in different ways.

Here’s how you can use information from your profile, together with our statistics, to get some data-based direction on what to include in your profile, and how to include it in order to stand out to prospective clients.

Understanding Your Profile

Your Voices profile is structured to provide you with a lot of data. While some of the information that you can see seems rather straightforward, analyzing that data and using it to your advantage can be a whole different story. Here’s how to look at each section in more detail:

Profile Completeness

Having a complete profile is very important. Use the profile wizard to help you go through all the steps to completion. A fully filled out profile makes it easier for clients to find you, and makes sure that your VoiceMatch score is accurate.

Demo Listens 

The number of times a client has listened to your demo. If you’ve recently uploaded new demos, monitor this number; an increase could indicate you’ve posted demos in popular categories and that those demos were well-tagged.  

Demos Uploaded

This is simply the number of demos you’ve included.


Clients can favorite demos. This is a good indication that they like your sound, but also that your demo was accurately tagged and it meets their expectations. While keeping your demos updated is good, when you remove a demo that has been favorited, you will be removing it off clients’ lists, too.  


While your demos can be favorited, your auditions can be liked. If a client likes your audition, it could be an indication that you’re meeting the client’s expectations. If you find your auditions in one particular style are liked most often, that might indicate you have a strength there.

For example, you may love cartoon voices, but if your auditions for explainer videos get all the likes, you might want to invest (either in time with auditions, or monetarily, on training) in that area.

Open Jobs 

These are the jobs you can audition for. Learn more about how to use filters to be the most efficient with open jobs. Note that you can’t see job details if you have a guest profile. Find out what the profile differences are here.

Payments received

A good place to keep track of your income for the year.

Where the Jobs Are

It might surprise you to learn that most of our clients are looking for voice over for business purposes, which can be anything from IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems to informational videos.

Following just behind that is “Internet” at 27% – usually, these are voice overs for videos on websites, such as explainer videos.  

The remaining portion is divided between entertainment, educational and other.  

A pie graph shows the breakdown of job categories at Voices; Business in blue at 30%, Internet in red at 28%, Entertainment in orange at 16%, Educational in green at 17%, and Other in purple at 9%. To the right is a legend of the colours and what the mean.

Accents, Roles, and Styles

Knowing what tags clients are using can help you figure out how to best tag your demos so you can be found during their searches. Here are some of our most searched terms.  

Accents Roles Styles
North AmericanNarratorConversational
US General AmericanAnnouncerProfessional
US African AmericanMotherConfident
US West CoastEverymanAuthentic
AustralianGuy Next DoorInformative
US MidwestSpokespersonUpbeat
SpanishAlpha MaleWarm

Using Our Insights to Better Design Your Profile

Does your profile include these words? Are you uploading demos that include these tags?Remember to make sure your profile is complete and to always accurately describe yourself to meet clients’ expectations. Knowing the kind of work people are hiring for can be a great indication of where you should market yourself or what skills you can strengthen.

For example, the category of ‘business’ includes voice overs for training materials, presentations and telephone systems. These longer form jobs may mean you should focus on your stamina and keeping your read consistent.

Highlight What Makes You Unique

Your sound, your skills, your past work experience, and how you market yourself are just some of the elements that come together to make one, unique you.

If there’s anything in particular that makes you stand out, like speaking another language, be sure to mention it. There are lots of jobs in languages like French, Spanish, and Chinese. You never know when your past experience may add the vocal confidence a client’s script needs!

Tailoring your profile to what clients are searching for can help both of you find the perfect match.

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