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When it comes to finding the right voice, we understand that there are few things more important than posting your job quickly, and with clarity. Whether you’re looking to get a job posted as quickly as possible, or you’re a voice actor,  looking for clear direction, it all starts with our Job Posting Form.

With that in mind, we’ve made some great updates to our Job Posting Form to ensure that  talent receive all of the necessary details to nail an audition, through an intuitive, easy-to-use form. Some of you may have already noticed these changes, but for those who haven’t, here’s a rundown of what’s changed.

What’s Changed when Posting a Job?

The new Job Posting Form is now broken down the into three sections:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Performance Details
  3. Project Details

Project Overview

Stayed the Same: In the first section, you will still be asked to include a brief, yet engaging title that describes the project.

Changed: Instead of drop-down menus, the new Job Posting Form contains buttons. Using these buttons, you will select from one of four Categories that indicate where the voice over will appear. 

If you select Radio or Television as your Category, you will then indicate how your ad will be used, and for how long. When selecting Internet, you will indicate whether or not the project is an advertisement or promoted post, and if so, for how long it will run. If you don’t select either of those categories, the Other option will provide a list of additional categories to choose from. 

Performance Details

Stayed the Same: In the next section, you will provide the relevant vocal attributes you’re looking for in the voice over performance, such as gender and voice age.

Changed: The Role and Style fields have been replaced with an option to choose one of five pre-determined Characters. These Characters represent the five most commonly-used Role and Style combinations, making them easier to find and use. If you would like to select a different set of Roles and Styles, you can still do so by selecting Custom.

We’ve also added two new fields to the Job Posting Form: 

  1. Audience will give you a chance to tell talent who they should imagine themselves speaking to when performing.
  2. Special Requests, an optional field, will allow you to provide additional information about the project or performance that isn’t captured in any other part of the Job Posting Form.

Project Details

Stayed the Same: In the final section, you’ll be able to provide the audition script (via text or file upload), finished minutes, talent budget, audition deadline, and indicate how you’d like to work.

Changed: Nothing!

What’s Changed for Talent?

With the new Audience and Special Requests fields, talent will get even more, clear direction from clients to help them better prepare and deliver a competitive audition. 

Want to Learn More?

If you’ve got questions about posting a job or understanding a job posting, you can contact a member of our Customer Support Team at any time via our support page. You can even schedule a platform walk-through session with one of our Customer Success Managers via Calendly

We hope the refreshed Job Posting Form helps you get your projects started faster! Speaking of starting projects, why not Post a Job today?

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