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We’ve Made a Change to Jobs in Deciding

We know that when it comes to managing jobs and focusing your effort, knowing where you stand and the status of your opportunities is key. That’s why, earlier today we conducted a ‘clean up’ of a number of jobs that had been left ‘In Deciding’ for a considerable time. As a result, you may notice that some jobs in your ‘Answered’ tab may have moved to your ‘Done’ tab. Not to worry, those jobs were updated to better reflect their real-world status. 

With this update, we’ve also started to send reminder emails to our clients who have jobs ‘In Deciding’ to encourage them to review their responses and make a hiring decision. We hope this will further encourage clients to hire talent through Voices and experience the quality and speed our talent are known for.

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  • Max Hunter
    September 2, 2020, 5:50 pm

    Thank you for this, as it’s been a long time coming! I’ve noticed jobs from 2016 that are still “deciding”, so thank you!

  • Russ DeWolfe
    September 2, 2020, 11:50 pm

    Thanks for the update! This should probably happen programatically by default after a set amount of time.

    • Oliver Skinner
      September 8, 2020, 11:31 am

      Hi Russ,

      Thanks for the feedback! We’re actually completely on the same page. With the changes we’ve made to jobs ‘In Deciding,’ job status updates will now occur by default after set periods of time.


  • Earl Thomas
    September 4, 2020, 12:09 pm

    Glad for this update on DECIDING. It is good to know what is happening with my shortlists i am on.

  • Elizabeth Zucker
    September 6, 2020, 2:03 pm

    I’ve been working so hard! I hope I get something soon…

  • Yanik Comeau
    September 7, 2020, 3:20 pm

    Thank you for following up with clients. It is so important that staff do this and not leave us hanging.

  • Madiha Zafar
    September 9, 2020, 11:36 pm

    I’m having beautiful , elegant voice.i need a job.language Urdu English

    • Oliver Skinner
      September 10, 2020, 10:06 am

      Hey Madiha,

      When you sign up for a Voices talent account, you’ll be able to list the languages you can fluently speak – such as Urdu or English – directly on your profile.

  • Rita Pattni
    September 12, 2020, 12:24 pm

    Really good to hear of this change on the Deciding status…. Often wonder how long to wait for someone in deciding……So many jobs I’ve been shortlisted for are showing this status and hope to get some jobs soon if they are helped to make a decision.

  • Manju sharma
    September 17, 2020, 2:54 am

    It’s good for new voice actors who want to do work with you. We should follow rules and regulations, that is good.

  • Shaik Arifa
    September 24, 2020, 11:49 am

    I want voice actors job please give me a chance

    • Oliver Skinner
      September 30, 2020, 3:43 pm

      Hi Shaik,

      When you sign up for a Voices talent account, you can begin auditioning for voice over jobs featured on our platform.