Learning in Limos: Mentoring in the Style of Don LaFontaine

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Passing the torch is important. So is investing in others. Have you been mentored?  Hear about a famous mentor in the voice-over business and share your own experiences!

A Legacy of Mentoring

Decades ago, Don LaFontaine made an effort to build into the lives of aspiring voice actors by taking them for ride-alongs. As Don went from studio to studio in Los Angeles, he’d show young talent the ropes of the voice-over industry in the circles he frequented. Journeying on one of Don LaFontaine’s famous ride-alongs gave his guests the opportunity to peer into the world of America’s most successful voice artist and learn along the way.

Without a doubt, such a ride was an education in itself; truly a voice-over school on wheels courtesy of DLF’s personal limousine.

Are You in a Position to Inspire Someone Else?

While you might not be going to and from work in a limo, mentoring moments are still possible. They can happen in person, over email or phone. They can be formal or informal. Sometimes the best opportunities to inspire someone or make an impact happen spontaneously with people you had not planned to encounter.

A Good Mentor:

  1. Cares about people
  2. Listens well
  3. Shares wisdom from past experiences
  4. Inspires their mentee to go further
  5. Guides gently but purposefully
  6. Helps someone realize something about themselves
  7. Is able to find common ground and build trust

Your Turn

When’s the last time you took someone under your wing? Can you remember a time when someone took time for you?

Also, if you went on one of Don LaFontaine’s ride-along, I would love to hear from you! Please share your memories below.

Looking forward to your reply!

Take care,

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