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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Production Schedule

When it comes to competing in today’s content-obsessed mediascape, video producers are under pressure to do and accomplish more with the same—or fewer—resources.

It is becoming increasingly common that completing a video ‘project’ means creating several deliverables. This can range from creating a series of shorter videos to other clip-sized content that can be repurposed in various mediums, like social posts.

Working in today’s competitive environment, video producer Adam Caplan, CEO of, has learned to make the most of his production schedule so that, at the end of the day, he can deliver the assets that his clients need.

Here, he shares his tips for quickly creating multi-purpose content.

Seize Content Opportunities at Every Stage of Production

Before you get into production mode, take time to consider the message your client is trying to convey through the video. Have they talked about posting content on multiple platforms? If they have, is video the best format for the message?

While you may have been hired to be the video expert, there’s no doubt that you’re adding value by providing your clients with content that will help them reach their end goal.

Make yourself an incredible asset to your clients by considering how your production setup can capture not only video, but photo and audio content, too. The variety of mediums can be repurposed into other assets that extend the usefulness of the project for both of you! You’ll get promotional material that demonstrates your skills and your client will walk away with the ability to use the project through multiple channels. 

Here are some ways to approach all of the stages of production to make the most of the opportunity for content generation.

Pre-Production: Equip Yourself Properly

Knowing how important your equipment is to creating quality assets, it pays to think ahead in this department. Ask yourself if you are capturing content in the right quality for the multiple ways you’ll use it.

For example, by using the taping technique to hide lavalier mics (which isn’t always standard practice), you may be able to pick up audio that can be later re-purposed into podcast content. 

(RØDE Lavalier GO)

However, ensure that the taping is done properly so you aren’t capturing loud clothing or hair movement.

The cameras you’re using may also be able to provide the client with great still shots for social media and web, but only if you’ve selected the right type of camera and/or recorded at a high enough quality resolution.

And if you’re going to experiment with what you can capture, Adam recommends entrusting a separate camera to the task.

“If we decide to try something new on a shoot, we’ll bring equipment that will be solely dedicated to the experiment,” Adam says. “For example, if you want to try out a 360 camera so you can get an interesting new angle on a typical interview, then make sure you have all the other essential footage being captured on other cameras. If it works out, then you have content that can be repurposed in video format later.”

Equip Your Guests, too

Whether it’s an interviewer-interviewee set up or a guest answering questions on camera without an interviewer present, it’s always recommended to prepare them with what will be asked. 

A fine line to walk is making them aware of what will be asked, without having them script their responses and risk the loss of authenticity in their on-camera performance. You’re giving them a heads up to make sure everyone has the best use of time on the day of filming, not to be perfectly scripted. 

Production: Shoot Everything From Multiple Angles, Always.

According to Adam, even with all the right tech and forethought put into capturing extra content, it still pays to keep an eye out for additional opportunities while you’re shooting. Some of these moments are fleeting – and may never have the chance to be recorded again.

“Video production can be high-risk and high-cost—not only are there hourly costs, but there’s also the cost in time and wages from the people who come from your client’s business or organizations,” Adam says. “For instance, the CEO is still getting paid while she or he is on site.”

“It takes a long time to get schedules lined up for interview subjects and shoot locations. If something goes wrong, you may never get all the right people in the room again. So when you’re on site, you want to be getting the right shots, at multiple angles—just in case one turns out to be unusable.”

Plus, the available footage gives you an opportunity to create unique promo content that differs from the final product. With that comes more creative ways to create a sneak peek without showing any of the final piece!

Post-Production: Work Smarter, Not Harder

There are ways to work through the post-production process so that you’re saving both time and money.

For instance, for those who are paying a premium on time or money for transcription services, Adam shares this tip.

“We can do things creatively to minimize the additional cost. We do long interviews and upload as an unlisted file on YouTube and download the YouTube transcription. It costs us a lot less than a transcription service. We can read it and fix it if needed ourselves.”

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