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Video Game Voice Over

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Being Entertained with Video Games

Video games have become an integral part of our culture. The combination of technological advances and a new emphasis on social technology have led to great opportunities in the gaming industry.

Gaming may have changed greatly over the past few decades…

Mario from the 1990's compared to Mario in the the late 2010's

But one thing remains the same: voice overs are still capable of making or breaking otherwise excellent games. As such, it’s essential for game creators to find the perfect voice over artists.

Types of Video Game Voice Over

There are two primary types of voice over needed for video: acting and narration.

Role-playing games often feature thousands of lines of dialog, requiring voice actors who know how to keep the game lively and full of surprises. Voice actors often record the same line in multiple ways so that the gamer’s experience is varied and unpredictable, especially if a certain action, question, or response is repeated many times.

Games of all types require narrators to instruct beginning players and inform more advanced gamers of their progress. There are many different ways a video game voice actor may need to use their voice.

In addition to talking to other characters, voice actors in video games may need to scream, yell and making exertion sounds. With video games becoming more and more cinematic, it takes a special kind of actor to suspend the disbelief of their audience. Some voice talent are also required to participate in motion capture sessions where their physical movements are recorded.

Hiring Video Game Voice Over Talent

It takes a unique style to pull off the video game voice over. There are a lot of amazing voice over artists out there, but not all of them are equipped with the style necessary for the realm of gaming narration. Ideally, the video game voice over artist will have a voice that is expressive but also capable of portraying authority. For narration jobs, there is a wide range of diversity in character types and also, in the voices needed to bring them to life. For instance, deep male voices may be leveraged in the creation of a battle-worn  warrior. However, talented female narrators are also growing in popularity.

In addition to providing narration, voice over professionals may be called on to create convincing dialog. The ideal type of voice for dialog will vary greatly depending on the nature of the game. Volume, timbre, and accent should be taken into consideration as the video game creator searches for the ideal voice over professional. Think of cutscenes. These scenes, though not heavy on action, are still important because their focus is on developing and moving the plot through conversation.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s that video games began using voice acting performances to hyper-enhance the story develop of video games. One notable performance can be found in the Legacy of Kain, where Voice Actors Michael Bell & Simon Templeman share an exchange that went down in video game history as one of the original cinematic moments.

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