clark-kent-becoming-superman.jpgFeeling the least bit discouraged?

Take heart, my friend!
Herb Merriweather shares a number of statements that when delivered with gusto will make an enormous impact on your outlook, performance and spirit!
Strike your best heroic pose and prepare to be inspired in today’s VOX Daily.

Never Give Up–Never Surrender

By Herb Merriweather
Those words come from one of my favorite movies “Galaxy Quest”–the story of a group of ‘Star Trek’-like TV actors who get dropped into the middle of a very real interplanetary war. Although ham-fistedly delivered at first, the words come back to define them as forces for good.

When thinking about how such lofty qualities could be promoted in the voice over world we only need to remember a few basic principles. There are some things we should try to cling to and defend as professionals in order to maintain integrity and a healthy business climate. So raise your mics high, strike your most heroic pose and utter throatily this mighty oath (OK…I saw THOR recently–but you get the idea).

Never Give Up…no matter who, what, where, why, how or when you are!
Never Surrender…to compromise, mediocrity or ‘good enough’!
Never Give Up…on sharing all you can with others going in your direction.
Never Surrender…to petty jealousies, silly arguments or useless controversies.
Never Give Up…on the audition process–learn something from each one!
Never Surrender…your own gift/talent. Practice it, sharpen it; learn how to enhance, control and unleash it!

Never Give Up…Hope! Stay with it!
Never Surrender…to bad/tough customers. The tough ones teach perseverance; the bad ones teach grace under pressure.
Never Give Up…that Stooges-loving, crazy laugh, milk-through-your-nose sense of humor.
Never Surrender…your ability to heal and help others when called upon!

Feeling Empowered?

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About Herb Merriweather

Herb Merriweather's golden guy vocal mascotHerb Merriweather is a voice talent based in California who has a future so bright that he has to wear shades. Herb grew up in a musical family and counts his experiences in choral ensembles, bands and gospel music as having played in integral role in the shaping of his signature style, citing his sister, Gospel singer Rosalind Graham, as a major influence, inspiration and encouragement.

After attending a Baptist seminary for some time, Herb realized that God’s call on his life was not only to speak the truth of His word but to do so in a way that would use his vocal gifts the world over through broadcast radio and via the audio medium as a voice actor. Herb has worked with many amazing people over his career including the great Ruth Dickerson, a Gospel music historian and radio personality. Herb Merriweather continues to build meaningful relationships with those in his community and seeks out opportunities to be a voice in the wilderness.

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  1. Thanks Herb – this is a solid reminder that we all need from time to time and a great vocal warm-up in the morning. The perfect way to start your day both physically and mentally…

  2. Fantastic, Herb and well worth remembering at all times. We have had many challenges in life and always lived by the same credo. (I am a huge fan of Galaxy Quest too.) The other line I live by is, “If you think you will fail, you will”.

  3. Never give up! (unless further efforts would prove you to be insane. There is such a thing as reality.)
    Never surrender! (unless the alternative is death or something else worse than surrender.)
    The optimist may feel better than the pessimist, but neither is a realist.

  4. And my fave~~~ Never criticize another until you have walked a mile in their shoes. That way, when you do criticize them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes!

  5. how about just being able to get a foot in the door to even say iv’e actually done even one voice over. iv’e been told i need 2to 3 thousand more dollars to get a start and i don’t have it.lets see iv’e got the voice the desire can read well i’m already an actor been evaluated and was recognized as someone who could do this by the insiders from a voice talent agency. after a 127 dollar 4 hour workshop was given further recommendations for more workshops that would include the demo or demos for even more $ to the tune of 2 to 3 thousand dollars and i don’t have it. i’m low budget there’s no room for someone who really wants this but can’t come up with all this money for demos and workshops? i’m ready to do a voice over job but here again is the hump in the road. cart before the horse as usual. can’t get the job to make the money because i don’t have money first. this is a problem that i hope someone can help me solve.

  6. Kevin…hit up your local radio/TV stations. Tell them you are willing to do some VO for promos, PSAs, ANYTHING for free and only want a recording of your work. The first thing you need is a demo. You can only have a demo once you have some recordings of your voice. Be clever. Go find the opportunities even if you have to offer your talent for free at first.
    And Kevin…once you’ve done all that. If it doesn’t work…DO IT AGAIN! And again. And AGAIN!
    If it DOES work…do it again…and again….and again…that’s the life my friend.

  7. Herb’s a great colleague. His approach to weathering the economic crisis is common in a country filled with books on making it against the odds. I’m all for filling my mind with empowering suggestions but statements like:
    – Never give up
    – Never surrender
    put the focus on what we don’t want, instead of on what we want. Think about it.
    What’s the differece between:
    – I don’t want to be a failure
    – I want to be successful
    I believe that our mind has a hard time processing negatives. The statement “Don’t think of a blue tree” proves the point.
    In order not to think about something, we have to think about it first. That’s why it is impossible not to think of a blue tree.
    In order to process “never surrender” and “never give up,” our mind has to make a mental picture of surrendering and giving up first. How empowering is that? It zooms in on the very thing we do not want to experience. It’s like telling an athlete: Don’t lose this race.
    I firmly believe that what we focus on most, is most likely to materialize. My message is simple:
    Always focus on what you want.
    Postive thinking is a plus. Taking positive action is even better.
    PS Not so long a go I wrote an article about it you might be interested in:

  8. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This letter arrived at a very low moment for me. It is tough staying encouraged these days. Even though I may need to look for other work to the pay the bills right now, I will not give up on my VO development.
    Thanks again!


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