NEW Product Updates 30/30

Patrice Aldave | May 3, 2019

Introducing New Product 30/30 Updates

When you love your work, is it really work? We don’t think so, and we love getting up every day to work on making the best voice over platform in the universe.

Welcome to Voices’s first Product 30/30, where you can check out some of the fun new additions we’ve released in the last 30 days, and see what we’re planning to release in the next 30 days.

In this article

  1. Last 30 Days
  2. Next 30 Days

We will continue to update you on our improvements to the platform on a monthly basis.

We’ll be highlighting improvements on Ratings & Reviews, search capabilities, shortlists & voting, and more. Keep reading below for more details on all the great past and upcoming changes:

Last 30 Days

  • Need a voice but aren’t sure what to search for? No problem! You can now browse our new voice actor directory from the homepage to find the most relevant voice for your project.
  • Navigating through Voices got better recently. Our classic blue main navigation bar got an update bringing several features front and center, including a better search experience and a friendlier design.
  • If you’ve used the Voices search engine in the last month or so, you may have noticed a number of improvements to both how it works and how it looks, these include:
    • An improved algorithm to find you the right voice actors faster.
    • Additional search filters are available to logged in users.
    • Redesigned results bringing the information you need to make hiring decision to the forefront.
    • And an improved experience should we not be able to find you an actor based on your search criteria.
  • We’ve made it easier for you and your team to find the perfect voice for your project with improved shortlists and voting.
    • Create shortlists to easily sort and review your favorite auditions.
    • Customize and share your shortlists with anyone, regardless of whether they have a Voices login.
    • Enable voting on your shortlists to gather group feedback on selected auditions to make a hiring decision quickly.
Screenshot of sharing shortlist function
Create, customize, and share shortlists with anyone.
  • We now have the ability to enable Invoicing on qualified accounts for Self Service Jobs. If you could benefit from this feature, contact your Account Manager or e-mail [email protected].
  • Improved accessibility across multiple core pages of the platform.

Next 30 Days

  • Our Voices blog will be getting a completely new look and feel. We’re working on a brand new design and improved user experience to make enjoying content on Voices even better.
  • We will closely examine how files are used on and off our platform in order to develop new and exciting capabilities for you!
  • Look out for some additional improvements to the main navigation.
  • We’re making it easier for you in the job posting experience to describe the voice you need and invite top talent to audition!
  • We are working to improve our user experience by adding a new automatic release of payment feature which will release funds to talent 14 days after the delivery date established in the agreement. Talent will now have an idea of when they are expected to be paid for a job while a client will benefit from having the funds release automatically if they forget! We are creating this change so clients won’t have to add to their workload of releasing old payments and so voice talent will have a better idea of when they will be paid! You will still have the ability and are encouraged to release the payment as soon as you have the files and are satisfied with them!
  • We are working on improving the ratings & reviews experience. We aim to make ratings and reviews more meaningful for our users to ensure that through specific and timely feedback all parties working on a job can continuously learn and grow and can be confident to exclusively work with professional partners.

At Voices, we want to make your work on the platform easier.

We hope you will find value in these updates and we encourage you to provide us with feedback by joining our Customer Advisory Group. Joining our Customer Advisory Group gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts about the current and future versions of our platform through our usability studies and sessions. Join now!

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    Gerard Dunning
    June 10, 2019, 3:10 am

    I hope you’ll start showing ALL dates & times in the user’s own timezone.