AudiobooksLooking to get more insider knowledge and tips on how you can leverage today’s fastest growing markets for voice overs?

After receiving positive feedback about our previous teleseminar series for Premium members, we’ve decided to offer another series that explores the Future of Voice Overs in the context of mobile technologies including audiobooks, video games and podcasting.
To kick off our teleseminars for March, I’m thrilled to announce that industry expert Robin Whitten, founder and editor of AudioFile Magazine, will be joining us as our guest on Tuesday March 9, 2010 from 1 p.m. until 2 p.m. EST.

Robin is one of the most knowledgeable, influential and passionate people in the audiobook industry. She is a current board member of the Audio Publishers Association, an excellent moderator and is fabulously connected to people who are involved in the business of audiobook publishing… she also has hear ear to the ground, interviews narrators, knows the trends and keeps the pulse of the audiobook industry via AudioFile Magazine.
Learn more about Robin Whitten and submit questions to be discussed in the teleseminar now!

Amazing Audiobooks!

As many of you know, narrators are very dear to me and the audiobook industry represents my favourite market for voice overs.
When we were dreaming up ideas for teleseminar topics, specifically how voice is used on go, audiobooks was an obvious choice… the fact that it is a booming market can only add the significance of this field for you as a voice over talent!

What Will Happen on the Teleseminar?

The Amazing Audiobooks teleseminar will run for 1 hour. For the first half hour to forty minutes, I’ll be chatting with Robin Whitten about the industry, touching on topics such as:
๏ The current audiobook industry landscape
๏ Recent trends in audio publishing
๏ Opportunities for narrators
๏ Becoming part of the audio publishing community

You’ll Also Learn the Answers to the Following Questions:

๏ Who’s working and why?
๏ What does it takes to narrate for top audio publishers?
๏ What are the key differences between voice over talent and narrators?
๏ What does it take for voice talent to make the leap to audiobook narration?
๏ How does one get into audiobook narration?
๏ What’s the best way to gain experience?
๏ How do narrators get “discovered?”
๏ What do successful narrators have in common with each other?

Have a Question?

Do you have any questions specific to the audiobook industry that you’d like to hear Robin answer on the call? Be sure to add them here as comments on this posting and I’ll include them on the live call.

About Robin Whitten

Robin WhittenRobin Whitten is the founder and editor of AudioFile, the magazine on audiobooks. Whitten coordinates the print and online publications of this unique audiobook information resource. In more than 100 consecutive issues published since 1992, AudioFile has chronicled the audiobook industry and the many changes that have taken place in the last 18 years. Whitten has developed AudioFile as an audiobook discovery resource.

Since the very first issues of AudioFile–8 pages!–the reviews and information have been a resource to listeners, librarians, booksellers, and industry professionals–especially audiobook narrators. AudioFile has long been the champion of the art and craft of narration.
Whitten writes about audiobooks for national publications and speaks frequently at library conferences and other meetings about the audiobook industry. A current board member of the Audio Publishers Association (APA), Whitten received a Special Achievement Award from the APA for her contributions of “building awareness of audiobooks and fostering growth of the audiobook industry.” The New York Times hailed AudioFile as the ‘standard bearer’ of the audiobook industry.

Whitten lives in Portland, Maine, where the magazine is based. In her spare time, she gardens, walks, and travels with her husband Rob and her 25-year old son Denny.

How To Get on the Teleseminar

All of our teleseminars include a phone component with the option of also participating online. We’re now including teleseminars as an added value service to our Premium annual and Platinum members and hope that you can take part!
This teleseminar series will be taking place Tuesday March 9th, Tuesday March 16th and Tuesday March 23rd, 2010. I’ll be profiling our upcoming teleseminar guests in the coming weeks.
If you’re not currently receiving service, you can upgrade your account online or call us toll-free at 1-888-359-3472 and press 1 to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members at

Excited for the teleseminar?

Be sure to comment and post your questions here on the blog. If you do that, I’ll be able to ask your questions when speaking with Robin during the live teleseminar.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
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  1. Greetings! My new favorite subject! Thanks for hosting this! I sent a demo to Scott Brick’s Audiobook contest back in June (they have still not announced a winner), but in July, I finally got my first audiobook! Since then, I’ve done six for Harper Collins and But my question for Robin is: It seems the folks who are getting the “premium” audiobooks (best sellers, etc. and with the corresponding big bucks) are all union members. Aside from the hefty cost of joining a union, and especially if you don’t live in a big market, can non-unions compete and still make a decent living? What can we be doing to market ourselves? (I just paid for a listing in the Audiobook Resource Guide). Thanks, Robin

  2. I’m excited about and very interested in these seminars. I don’t have any questions off the top of my head, but I’m sure to come up with some between now and then.
    Marcus Weems


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