What We Launched in Spring 2020

It was a very busy spring here at Voices.  We released some exciting new updates, while our team continues to work remotely. In this, our second in the series of Platform Update Recaps, we’ll take a look back at what was released during the months of April, May, and June. At the end of this post, we’ll also preview the changes we have on tap for Summer 2020. 


An Improved Search Experience

We know how important discoverability and finding the right talent for a creative project is, so we made some significant improvements to Search, including:

  • a larger Search Bar in the main navigation bar
  • combining Keyword Search and the Search Bar
  • changing the visual style of the Refine Results side navigation
  • surfacing Location and Reviews in top-level search results
  • more powerful filtering to better find local or bilingual talent


Amplify Your Brand with Your Profile and Compliments

Talent profiles contain a wealth of information, all designed to give clients the information they need to feel confident about their hiring decisions. Given the importance of these profiles, we made quite a few improvements to not only help clients, but also enable talent to show off their skills and amplify their brand. These changes included:

  • making talent Compliments visible to clients
  • a more intuitive profile wizard and profile completeness score for talent
  • adding Live Directed Sessions to talent profiles
  • better control over public and private information in talent profiles

What’s Coming up for Summer 2020

Spring has already begun, and so far we’ve announced easier ways for talent and clients to understand how they can work together through Live Directed Sessions, adding them to talent profiles and search. Earlier this week we also launched our latest client membership offering, Voices Enterprise, designed to give creative teams the tools, support, and flexibility needed to source high-quality voice over, at scale. There are a number additional improvements planned for summer 2020, including a couple of items we had hoped to get out in the spring, but had to push out a couple of months to ensure we got them right:

  • Cleaner and more informative Job List and Job Detail pages 
  • Providing account insights on transactions
  • Enhanced talent statistics and performance tracking
  • Improved control over ‘Draft Jobs’ and ‘Jobs in Deciding’
  • Easier and cleaner quoting through an updated Audition Form

We hope to have these updates out over the next couple of months. To keep up to date on what improvements we are introducing, visit the Product News section of our blog, subscribe to our marketing communications, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
As always, if you’ve got ideas for features you’d like to see on our platform, feel free to email us at

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