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Podcast Press Release Template

Tara Parachuk | November 7, 2018

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Promoting a new podcast can be a challenge, even for established brands with a solid online following. In order to cover your bases and promote from all angles, consider sending out a podcast press release to announce your new show!

Podcast Press Release Best Practices

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  3. [Company] LAUNCHES NEW PODCAST [Podcast Name] HOSTED BY [Host’s Name]
  4. About [The Company]
  5. Distributing the Press Release
  6. More on Promoting and Managing Podcasts

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when crafting your podcast press release:

Think of the audience that you created this show for, and make sure that you’re clearly communicating why they should care about your new content – starting with how you title the press release.

Your title should contain the ‘so what’ factor of your podcast, and not simply that, ‘there’s a new podcast in the world.’

Your first two sentences should contain e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g the reader needs to know about your podcast. What they need to know includes points like who’s featured on the podcast (especially if there are notable, well-known guests), who the host is, the overarching theme of the show, and who the topic appeals to.

Incorporate a quote from the host about half-way through the press release to bring the voice of the podcast to life. The quote from the host should speak to why the host feels passionately about the podcast and the purpose it fulfills.

Include where to find the podcast near the end of the press release. A typical behavior of press release readers is to read the title and opening sentences, and then skip down to the bottom of the release just before the boilerplate for the concluding comments. In this area, you can also include additional calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage the reader to email you, re: podcast guest opportunities, potential topics, feedback, etc.  

Including links is key to sending readers exactly where they need to go. This single page should have all the links to any other sources of information that the reader might want to navigate to. Links can include:

  • A link to a more in depth profile of the host
  • A link to the web page that houses the podcast, show notes, and transcripts
  • Links to everywhere the podcast is syndicating to (iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
  • A link to the company’s ‘About Us’ page
  • A link to the profile of a notable guest that you’ve had on the show

Sample Podcast Press Release

[Company] LAUNCHES NEW PODCAST [Podcast Name] HOSTED BY [Host’s Name]

CITY, Month Number Date / press release channel / — [Company], [succinct explanation of the company] has launched a new podcast. [Your podcast’s name], (http://www.YourPodcastSite.com), a podcast about [theme] and focuses on [topics 1, 2, and 3] and is geared toward [insert audience type / age here].

The most recent episode featured [guest] and [information on this, that, and the other], reaching an audience of [number of listeners / subscribers] <- If the podcast has episodes that have aired before the press release.

[Podcast host] says, “[A quote about your experience launching the podcast and some positive feedback that you have received up until now.]”

Fans of the podcast can contact [point of contact] via email or [other preferred method of contact] to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

To listen to the podcast, visit [list and link to all platforms to which the podcast is being syndicated to]

About [The Company]

[Paste company boilerplate into this section.. Include links to the company’s ‘About Us’ section, and any other links you find appropriate]

Distributing the Press Release

The press release can be distributed through multiple channels. For instance, it can be published on your own website, as well as distributed through a PR newswire.

Another option is to research websites that actively promote trending topics and releases within your target audience’s industry. Reaching out to these types of publications may have a better pay off (resulting in more interest) than distributing through a newswire, which typically costs money and reaches all types of audiences, not just those interested in your industry.

The press release can also become a part of your podcast’s media kit. This media kit is perfect to send to those previously mentioned industry publications. Be sure to acquire some high resolution photos of your guests and of your host to include in the media kit. It adds a level of professionalism and helps to entice recipients to follow up with you for promotional opportunities, guest features, and more.

More on Promoting and Managing Podcasts

For more podcast promotional strategies, check out our interview with Brand Manager and Podcast Host, Brian Peters from Buffer on Promoting Your Podcast.  Additionally, don’t forget about the importance of measurement! We’ve created a special post on the topic. Get all the insights on metrics for success in How to Measure Podcast Performance.

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