Why Does a Completed Profile Matter at Voices? Find Out!

What happens when you don’t complete your profile at Voices?

Silence… you may end up hearing nothing but silence!
Discover more about how you can ensure that your profile is the absolute best that it can be from someone who has learned the hard way.

Silence, Dead Silence is all I’ve Heard from Voices…

I received an email from someone who is frustrated, specifically with the lack of attention their profile has received at Voices. Through this email I was given an opportunity to look a little deeper into how they were using the site to promote their talent, or more accurately, how the individual was not using the site effectively.
Here is what I sent in response.
If you feel that some of this may apply to you, there is no need to comment, just put the suggestions into practice!

My Response

Thank you for writing to me and I hope all is well with you. I can understand your frustration and can also share why you have heard nothing but silence from clients seeking voice over services at Voices.

When I looked at your profile, one critical component was missing… your demo.
Only voice over talent who have uploaded audio to their profiles at Voices can be found in the search engine or featured in the directory. If you don’t have a demo, you will not be found and consequently, not hired at Voices.

Once you have a demo uploaded to your profile, you will be found in our search engine.
Something else I noticed is that your profile is currently being used as a vehicle to redirect people to a different website, (talent’ which was included multiple times in lieu of adding relevant information to these fields).

This way of promoting yourself runs contrary to what a client expects at Voices when they visit your profile. They arrive with the expectation that all of the information they are looking for, in addition to a voice sample, be available on your Voices profile. People who visit our site seeking talent are here to post a job or ask for a quote directly from your profile and complete their projects online at Voices.

I recommend that you make a few subtle changes to your profile and upload a voice over demo so that clients can find you at Voices.
There are numerous fields that are not completed and once they are filled in, you’ll stand more of a chance of being found and hired.
This is your profile at present (I linked to their profile).

If you take a look, you’ll notice areas where a description of your voice is lacking in addition to descriptions of your experience, education, special skills and also information about your home recording studio.
A Voices profile comprises of 4 sections. 3 sections of your profile are entirely empty. This does not help matters when promoting your voice.

The 3 Areas of Your Profile Are:
(Click any of the links above to log into your profile and update info / demos / products)
While I hope you succeed, I realize that much of this effort rests entirely in your hands. We are here to help you in any way we can but there is some work to do before you’ll see any progress or change in your experience at Voices.

Room For Improvement

Tough words?
Some of you may be shocked to have read the letter above, wondering how a voice talent could expect anything other than silence and a lack of success using the site given their profile completeness and understanding of how the site works.
This individual has a basic membership (Guest) and had only logged in once. That gives you more context for why their profile was so incomplete and also an appreciation for the amount of effort that was put forth before judgment calls were made on how the service didn’t do anything for them.
Imagine what could happen if they were to implement even two or three of the recommendations above! This could be HUGE!

Small Yet Transforming Changes

There are people out there, perhaps not as extreme as the example above, who are experiencing similar feelings about how Voices is performing for them. Sometimes the change is as simple as checking a box, selecting a preference or even copying and pasting marketing collateral or your biography into your profile. If you have a website outside of Voices, you more than likely have copy on your website that you could use on your profile. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

For others, it might be a change of heart or a new perspective.
Some people come to us and expect that because they have been in the business for so many years, have an amazing studio, have agency representation or otherwise that they are entitled to use our tools to get work without committing to subscribing to Voices in order to promote themselves as their own agent to the best of their ability via our service.
These talent often see us as an agency when we are in fact a marketplace.

When you are working with a marketplace and hoping to see positive results, it must be clearly understood that the more you put into the promotion of your talent, whether it be through creating an awesome profile or subscribing to a paid membership level, the better your results will be.
This is marketing, self-promotion, getting your name and voice out there… you get the picture.
We provide a self-serve solution that generates opportunities, and while our site is engineered to help you succeed, the website itself can’t do your work for you.

Audio is Key

Similarly, if you don’t have audio on your Voices website but do have a demo on your computer, upload it! Just make sure it is an MP3 file. For best results, the file should be 128 kbps at 44.1 kHz.


There are volumes of FAQs, articles, podcasts, videos and more available to help if only those in need of resources would seek them out. This doesn’t even include support from our team which is available via telephone, email, web and Live Chat.

Thank You!

If you’re reading this article, I’m most likely preaching to the choir. Readers of VOX Daily are some of the most committed and inspiring voice over pros in the world and for that I thank you 🙂
Our team loves building voice talent up and helping them to succeed at Voices. We equally enjoy equipping producers with a powerful means to achieve their goals. Thank you for opportunities to be of service to you!
If you have any tips that you’d like to share that might help someone to promote their unique vocal gifts via the voice over marketplace, I’d love to hear them!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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  • Avatar for IAN WRIGHT
    July 16, 2010, 8:54 pm

    Hi Stephanie and thanks for your numerous, grass roots based Vox Daily articles. This one in particular is so obvious, yet obviously misunderstood or overlooked by a number of voice over talents.
    Being an Aussie ‘Down Under’ and a ‘Guest Member’ at that, I don’t expect a huge amount of overseas response to my site, NOT YET, at least. Currently, I’m putting ‘local’ pieces in place with my marketing, personal approaches to potential clients and (still) getting comfortable with the technicalities of being both the ‘talent’ AND the ‘producer/engineer’ from home. I also still also hold down a full time job in radio sales, which sees me on the go for regular 12 hour working days, therefore my ‘spare’ time is a little restricted. Once a few more pieces come together, my aim is to upgrade my paid membership, add further & varied audio to my web page and be in a position to focus more intently & tweak my marketing, both online & offline. I have nothing but praise for what offers both newbies & experienced voice over talent. To date, your incredibly valuable services have cost me nothing but my time & download investment. It’s all part of my vo education !
    What people sometimes take for granted are the basics required to promote yourself in a very competitive, global market thanks to the Internet. It’s also thanks to the Internet and services like that we have the world as our marketplace. Again, keep up the standard on offer, from a very grateful bloke ‘Down Under’.
    Thanks & regards,
    (‘Ian’s Voice Over The World’)
    Victor Harbor, South Australia

  • Avatar for Julie Williams
    Julie Williams
    July 17, 2010, 10:27 am

    I have been recommending to students who don’t even have demos yet, as an opportunity to audition for jobs when leads come to their inbox. Your post above is making me wonder, will paid members who haven’t uploaded demos yet still receive leads?
    I know profiles are valuable to being found, but to me the biggest value of is the sheer number of leads generated daily.
    These are students who I feel can land work, but who are on such a learning curve right now that I feel they’ll benefit from waiting just a couple more months beforee producing a demo. Given the kind of investment a demo is, I want them to be their best when they do it. And if I know they’ll be better in a month, I can’t in good conscience produce it for them now!
    Please tell me I haven’t been leading my students astray by telling them to sign up for your premium membership even before they even have demos!
    I just advised 3 people to sign up the other day!

  • Avatar for Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    July 17, 2010, 12:07 pm

    Hi Ian and Julie,
    Thank you for commenting.
    Ian, great to hear your thoughts! Thank you for sharing where you are at. Good things to come!
    Julie, thank you for commenting and for asking about referring students who don’t have demos for a Premium membership at Anyone who subscribes to the paid memberships at can audition for jobs that match their profile. We strongly advise that people have their demos completed already and have a home recording studio before they pay to promote their voice. This allows them to get the absolute most out of what we offer.
    While it is good experience for students, achieving success becomes more difficult when they are not fully searchable or able to marketable in the sense that they can be heard outside of auditions. Auditioning also can be more time consuming for the talent who does not have a generic demo to attach for auditions that call for stock samples for evaluation. Check with Scott Lumley for more information about how the profile directly relates to receiving more visibility and opportunities.
    Best wishes,

  • Avatar for Randy Anderson
    Randy Anderson
    July 17, 2010, 3:08 pm

    Hi Stephanie,
    Great article. I am a paid member of and my profile is 100%. I get auditions everyday and I attempt to only choose the ones I feel I am right for, I have booked jobs from this site, not as many as I would have liked to at this point. I have also booked jobs outside of this site. My rambling is leading to this: Practice makes perfect, I still have to perform, even with a 100% complete profile or a 50% profile, you have to nail the read, if I don’t someone else will.
    I have no complaints about You provided a great service, you are at the top of the being nice game. To sum all this up..its like sports..a coach can coach but the players have to play…
    Thanks Randy Anderson

  • Avatar for Merryla
    July 17, 2010, 4:05 pm

    Thank you for all your tips Stephanie.
    You are indeed very generous.

  • Avatar for Laura Branch Mireles
    Laura Branch Mireles
    July 17, 2010, 4:05 pm

    You go girl!

  • Avatar for Elisha Anderson
    Elisha Anderson
    July 17, 2010, 4:06 pm

    This is true and interesting, but I’m distracted by this beautiful room!

  • Avatar for Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    July 17, 2010, 4:07 pm

    I love this picture, too, Elisha 🙂 For me it represents a profile at when a talent first signs up. Like an empty canvas, or a newly moved into home, it is just waiting to be filled!

  • Avatar for Crystina Wyler
    Crystina Wyler
    July 17, 2010, 6:37 pm

    Hi Stephanie,
    I was going to send you a private email, but since I saw this thread I decided to post it instead.
    I’ve been with for a year and half now. I started slowly to see how it would work, since I had been with other sites and felt I was throwing away my money. I can honestly tell you that as of this past week, Voices. com will be my main source site! Every single job I have booked has been a wonderful experience; from the clients (several are now repeats), to the actual projects and most important to the payment process. Whether the client paid me directly or through your sure pay service, it has been a non-stress process. I have a solid client base and now with it is increasing! The other and most important part of the service you offer is your customer support….they are AMAZING! Case in point, I had been traveling and not checking my email…. your team called and made sure I was aware of a ‘Private Request’. If they had not informed me, I would have lost my last job, which will now become a regular gig.
    So THANK YOU! For the wonderful and professional service you provide.
    Best regards,
    Crystina Wyler

  • Avatar for Larry Long
    Larry Long
    July 17, 2010, 11:54 pm

    I’m an annual preferred member and wonder if anyone else has had trouble with this.
    Since the website upgrade, my experience box and testimonials are lumped into one big paragraph even though it looks fine on the page where edit your profile.
    I called and e-mailed and was told they were working on bigger issues at the time. But it’s been two weeks now and I wonder if it’s possible to just delete it all and start over or would that mess it up further?
    I’ve had virtually no success with but I’m certainly not blaming anyone. It’s just tough enough as it is without having a screwed up profile.
    Just wondered if anyone has an suggestion. Thank you.

  • Avatar for Del Roy
    Del Roy
    July 18, 2010, 4:43 pm

    Stephanie—Hard to believe your Vox Daily could even be needed by any serious v/o –pro or amateur, I would like to add: whenever needed I have loved conversations with especially-you-JESSICA-LAURYNDA, BROGAN and SCOTT–always available–always helpful’
    Del Roy—aka Methuselah

  • Avatar for Laurynda Pasma - Product Manager
    Laurynda Pasma - Product Manager
    July 21, 2010, 10:41 am

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I’d like to address the concerns over the Experience section of your profiles appearing incorrectly.
    There is indeed an issue right now where formatting of this particular area is not working and we currently a bug ticket into our developers to rectify the problem.
    Although your website may not look overly attractive at this moment if you have a lot of content specific to the Experience section the important thing to understand is that all of your data is there and it can still be located by our talent search engine.
    Once this issue is resolved we believe that the formatting should return and no action will be needed by you to correct it.
    Thank you
    Laurynda Pasma
    Product Development Manager

  • Avatar for Christina
    November 13, 2013, 4:48 am

    This article is a few years old now, but still a topic I’m currently having problems with.
    I have completed my whole profile, have uploaded a demo and yet my “Profile completion” is stuck at 53%… I have looked at the percentage list of all the profile parts, I’ve used the wizard to go through my profile and still I’m wondering:
    What am I doing wrong?
    Can you give me a hint so I can achieve 100% completion rate?

  • Avatar for Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Stephanie Ciccarelli
    November 13, 2013, 2:34 pm

    Hi Christina,
    Thank you for your comment and question! I’m glad you reached out so that we could help you. I’ve asked someone in our customer service department to take a look over your profile and advise you of how we can get your completion score to reflect 100%.
    Take care,