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Top 10 Dramatic Monologues For Men

The dramatic monologue is one of the most powerful forms of cultural expression. Always keep a dramatic monologue in the back of your pocket, not just for auditions but for the sake of your craft.

The problem, of course, is that effective monologues are rare. Voice actors have trouble finding one, so they miss the opportunity to practice.

We have included the 10 best dramatic monologues for men. Let’s see what makes them great and what you can bring to your performance.

1. “Presenting Mr. Homer L. Zuckerman’s Distinguished Pig” from Charlotte’s Web

‘Charlotte’s Web’ is a tale of friendship and the power of language. In this movie, Wilbur the pig attends a local fair to compete, in the hopes of winning a prize rather than being dinner. The fair announcer has a charismatic personality and introduces Wilbur and his owner Mr. Homer L. Zuckerman to an audience. 

In this monologue, the announcer starts off by referencing the words written in the spider’s web from Charlotte. He revels in this miracle and how Wilbur is a distinguished and humble pig. 

2. “Fish Aren’t Made To Be In a Box Kid” from Finding Nemo

In the movie ‘Finding Nemo’, Nemo is caught and put into a tank in a dentist’s office. One of the older inhabitants, Gill, is a serious, but protective presence among the fish. 

Although he comes across as crass and uncaring, he takes Nemo under his wing and hopes to reignite a sense of purpose and hope. He talks to Nemo about working towards his freedom and never losing sight of his dreams. 

3. “You Did It Charlie” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka, the owner of a local candy factory created a contest with golden tickets to find a child that will show their true colors and be worthy of inheriting his business. He puts the children through tempting rooms during his guided tour and in the end, Charlie is left owning up to his mistake and Willy Wonka is excited and reveals his primal reason for the contest. 

4. “Hobo’s Monologue” from The Polar Express 

When it comes to dramatic speeches, contrast is critical. The hobo’s monologue in the movie ‘The Polar Express’ compares a train to the path of life. The speed of the train, the stops which children get off and on, and if they see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

The hobo emphasizes the journey of life and through fantasy, you may see the goodness and meaning within the world. 

5. “This is Your Time” from Miracle

The next entry on our list is the climactic speech in the hockey film ‘Miracle’. In the scene, Kurt Russell’s character, a hockey coach, delivers a rousing speech to his team of amateur players before they face off against the Soviet team at the 1980 Olympics.

Russell’s talent is to make the monologue speech and not just elocution. The timbre of his voice makes it clear that he’s speaking to other people, not just reading words on a page. The speech is an excellent lesson in organic delivery for voice actors.

6. “You Quit” from The Rookie

Jimmy Morris’ (Dennis Quaid) monologue from ‘The Rookie’ isn’t powerful because it is just one of the many motivational speeches throughout this movie. He digs deep to help the team realize their goals and dreams even when facing losses. 

If you’re interested in motivational characters, study this speech. Quaid offers a blend of fierce determination that has brought audiences to tears for decades.

7. “I Could Have Been a Contender” from On the Waterfront

‘On the Waterfront’ is a masterpiece of twentieth-century drama, and Marlon Brando’s “I could have been a contender” speech stands out in its own right.

Brando’s character is lamenting his failure to achieve all he wanted in life and the pain of reliving his broken dream during the drama on the waterfront.

Although the concept is simple, Brando brings an incredible range of anguish and anger, transforming the speech from mere exposition into an expression of profound human feeling.

8. “Why Wouldn’t Andy Want You?” from Toy Story 

In this iconic animated film, Woody (Tom Hanks) delivers a dramatic and moving monologue to Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) who is feeling heartbroken and worthless. 

Woody describes how cool he is as a new toy and that any kid would be thrilled to own him. Then, in a sad turn, Woody compares himself and his archaic features to an outdated and unwanted toy that cannot compare. 

9. “Don’t Look At Me Like That” from Ratatouille 

In this moving scene, Linguini is talking to a rat although he is reflecting on his own self-worth and past mistakes. 

His despair of keeping a job where he feels worthless, clouds his ability to cook like a professional. He is frustrated and feels hopeless that he can continue to create the great dishes that his rat friend helps with in the kitchen. 

10. “In the Name of Democracy, Let Us All Unite!” from The Great Dictator

A rousing call to action, and an ardent defense of human hope, the final speech from Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’, is our last entry.

Two main elements make this speech great. The first is the language, both poetic and humble, eloquent and down-to-earth, and able to allow a voice actor to express their profound emotional depth./

The second strength is context. The speaker is a persecuted Jewish barber who has never spoken publicly in his life and is disguised as a cruel dictator-like persona.

The speech has ample room for the performer to explore the depths of the character’s soul. The character doesn’t just give a political speech, he’s speaking for all those who are downtrodden.


Male dramatic monologues run the gamut, from the sinister and intimidating to empathic and inspiring. Whatever your preference as a voice actor, these ten monologues are essential to your toolkit, giving timeless lessons on the importance of delivery and tone.

Have you used any of these monologues for an audition? Let us know in the comment section below.

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