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The Top AI Voice Conferences in 2023

Keaton Robbins | March 20, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence is becoming a dominant force in the technological landscape. As AI technologies progress, the technology is spreading to various mediums. AI voice is rapidly becoming one of the most popular applications of AI technology.

Voice conferences are a great way to stay ahead of the curve and learn more about this exciting technology. In 2023, a variety of AI voice conferences will be happening around the world. To help you choose the best fit for you, we’ve rounded up the top AI voice conferences in 2023.

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Please keep reading to learn about the top AI voice conferences in 2023, what makes each forum unique, and why you should attend them. By the end of this article, you will be an expert on AI voice conferences.

Voice 2023

Santa Clara, California, US

May 9-10, 2023

The Voice 2023 Developer Conference is a two-day conference focused on AI voice development and technologies. The conference features keynotes, sessions, and workshops covering the latest advances in AI voice technology. Attendees can network with leading technologists and researchers in the field and get an inside look at the industry.

The conference covers all aspects of AI voice, including an in-depth technical program with the hottest technologies. There is a focus on the future of semiconductors and related topics such as computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, and artificial neural networks.

Themes at the conference include:

  • AI-powered voice control.
  • Devices for the home.
  • Automotive speech-enabled navigation systems.
  • New AI applications.

Some of the speakers are industry leaders. They speak on mind-expanding and cutting-edge topics, focusing on AI advances in the voice space.

The conference also provides networking events for attendees to meet one another and discuss the progress of AI voice technologies.

Voice 2023 is a must-attend event for anyone interested in AI voice technology.

VO Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, US – Hilton Atlanta Airport

March 23-26, 2023

Voice Over Atlanta is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It is an international conference focusing on voice technology and its applications.

The goal of Voice Over Atlanta is to bring together experts in the field of AI voice technology to discuss the latest trends and innovations. The conference covers topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition, virtual assistants, and audio engineering.

At VO Atlanta, you will find a wide array of sessions from industry experts on topics such as AI-powered voice recognition, conversational AI, machine learning for voice applications, and the future of speech technology.

The conference will feature a technology showcase where attendees can get hands-on experience with the latest AI voice technologies.

The conference also provides networking opportunities, such as a special luncheon and evening social events.

One of the unique aspects of VO Atlanta is there are both Spanish and English keynote speakers. The inclusive nature of VO Atlanta makes it a must-attend conference for individuals interested in the Spanish AI Voice space.

The schedule has countless speakers on each day of the conference. There are over ten different rooms with speakers daily covering many topics. Selecting which sessions to attend may be difficult, so plan accordingly.

Additionally, there are social events and entertainment each night to network and relax afterward. Voice Over Atlanta is an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with the industry’s most influential AI voice experts.

NAB Show

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

April 15-19, 2023

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show is celebrating 100 years. It has become one of the world’s largest trade shows for media and entertainment professionals. Although the conference focuses on international broadcast media and entertainment, the rise of the AI voice is impossible to ignore. The topic has gone from a niche corner of the show to one of the most significant segments.

This year’s NAB Show will feature a dedicated AI Voice Pavilion, showcasing the best and brightest in voice technology. AI Voice Pavilion will house dozens of exhibitors, product demos, and workshops for attendees to learn about the technology.

The program will feature a range of topics, including AI voice assistants, natural language processing, and speech recognition. It will also cover new trends in the audio industry and areas like digital marketing, advertising, and interactive media.

The show will also feature an AI Voice Conference Hall with over 50 sessions. Sessions include talks from industry leaders, panel discussions, and case studies.

The show has two segments. The educational part of the conference runs from April 15-19, while the exhibits run from April 16-19. The first two days focus on field workshops, visual storytelling, and summits for different parts of the broadcast media.

The next four days focus on different exhibits, attractions, and pavilions that cover a wide range of topics. However, some smaller niche-specific roundtables and workshops go on throughout the week.

The NAB Show has one of the most jam-packed schedules of any conference on this list, so if you attend, it is vital to come prepared. And you won’t want to miss out on the fantastic parties during the show.

The NAB Show is a great place to start for those looking to dive into AI Voice technologies. It benefits those interested in learning more about the industry and connecting with other professionals.

Ai4 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, US – MGM Grand

August 7-9, 2023

Ai4 is the artificial intelligence industry’s leading conference. If you tune into AI voice, you cannot miss Ai4. The conference brings together researchers, startups, and industry giants to discuss the latest advances in AI technology.

The conference will feature keynotes from top AI researchers and an exhibition hall for showcasing new technology. You will also see expert presentations on AI, robotics, machine learning, natural language processing, and more. Some keynote speakers include Pablo Abad, Sumeet Ahuja, Rick Ballmann, Stefano Bini, Kelleigh Ash, and Erik Edmonds.

The Ai4 conference has dedicated AI Voice tracks. These tracks will include in-depth discussions about voice-based AI technologies, the development of conversational AI systems, and techniques for building AI voice applications.

In addition to the conference program, the event will also feature an AI Voice Expo. At the expo, you can see demonstrations from leading companies in the AI voice industry and get hands-on experience with their products—many new products and services in the AI space premier at Ai4. 

Many networking opportunities also help attendees connect with other AI professionals. It is a great chance to network and collaborate with other professionals in the field. There are evening mixers, and you can go out and enjoy Las Vegas.

The Ai4 conference will help you learn more about AI voice and how it changes our world. It is an ideal place for anyone interested in the AI voice industry.

Project Voice 2023

Chattanooga, Tennessee, US 

April 24-27, 2023

Project Voice 2023 is the only AI Conference focused entirely on the artificial intelligent voice industry. The conference is for developers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals interested in building voice-based AI applications. 

The conference focuses on natural language processing, AI-powered speech recognition, conversational AI applications, and more. You will also have the chance to learn about the future of AI voice and how it is changing our lives.

Some of the major partners of Project Voice include IBM, Meta, Bespoken, Oracle, Open AI, and Botcopy.

At Project Voice 2023, you can connect with industry leaders, learn from experts in the field, and discover new tools and technologies.

Speakers at the conference include AI Voice pioneers such as Robert Scoble, Adam Cheyer, Bret Kinsella, and Jack Khera.

A wide range of industries is covered at Project Voice, including Fintech, hospitality, healthcare, and automotive. However, the show’s star is the Startup Pitch Event on the 26th. It allows entrepreneurs and developers to showcase their voice-based AI products and widely considered the most exciting part of the whole event. 

The conference also includes a series of workshops, panels, and labs, perfect for those looking to get their hands on the latest AI technology. Some fantastic networking events allow you to meet like-minded people and explore new business opportunities.

Project Voice is an excellent conference if you want to learn more about AI voice and how it can be used to create innovative applications. With its focus on the AI voice industry, you will find something of interest at the conference.

Wrap Up

These are the top AI voice conferences happening in 2023. Whether you want to learn more about AI or network with industry leaders, these conferences have something for everyone. So mark your calendar and make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to attend one of these incredible conferences.

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