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Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your Video Call to Action

Why You Should Stop Using “Please Share” as Your Video Call to Action

Many people think about how exciting it would be to create a viral video.

Much time and effort is spent in crafting the perfect storyline and stretching every dollar in the budget in order to create the most compelling video possible.

But if you really want your video to truly be a success, you have to think beyond the views and shares and be willing to give your audience something to do next.

So what’s the best use of those precious last seconds? If you’re tempted to ask people to ‘please share,’ you should think twice.

What You Need to Know about Video Calls-to-Action

Adam Caplan is the Principal and Founder of web.isod.es, a video production company whose clients range from culinary innovators to medical change makers.

As a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, Adam knows a thing or two about producing a compelling story.

Here’s what he has to say about how to include an ‘ask’ as part of your video’s ending.

Why You Shouldn’t Ask People to Share Your Video

“If I decide to buy a product after watching a video, that’s a relationship between me and the vendor,” says Adam. “But if I share a video, that becomes a public endorsement.”

According to Adam, people will share your video on their own volition if they are 100% behind your message. However, any content that doesn’t align with one’s personal values – even if it’s funny or compelling, will likely stay under wraps. This often means that your call to action gets wasted.

“There’s a video that I show in my class that makes a lot of people laugh, but it’s also cringe-worthy for being offensive,” Adam says, explaining, “There are things that are otherwise very funny, but in that circumstance very awkward and I haven’t shared that video publicly for that reason.”

A much better use of your video’s call to action?

“Ask for anything else that you would see in any other media – like television commercials or even written materials. Ask your viewer to pick up the phone, ask them to take you up on a special offer, or ask them to outright buy it,” Adam says. “The end of your video can be a sales tool or a lead generation tool.”

Want to Make a Video But Aren’t Sure Where to Start?

Listen to Adam Caplan explain the key considerations that should go into any video production plan, on the Sound Stories podcast.

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