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Why Voices is Launching the ‘Voice Branding’ Podcast

Voices has added a new client-focused podcast to its growing lineup of voice over industry podcasts.

‘Voice Branding’, hosted by Voices CEO David Ciccarelli, will explore what it takes to shape messages, tell stories and brand the world’s most influential organizations. The podcast will be a behind the scenes look at the creative processes, tools, and technologies brands use to engage with their audiences.

The Voices blog took the time to sit down with Ciccarelli to ask him all about his new podcast and what listeners can expect:

  • What was the main driving factor behind launching this podcast?

“More than anything, I’m looking to put the spotlight on our customers: Those people who have creative ideas, concepts and campaigns. These customers, with the help of our voice talent, bring these projects to life. They go from idea to reality and we all intuitively know there’s a process they take to get from A to B. But the questions I’ll ask are: How is that done exactly? Is there a formalized process? Is it documented? Does it differ from business to business? These are the questions I’m looking to answer as part of each episode of the podcast.”

  • What exactly can listeners expect to learn from this podcast?

“Listeners can expect to learn from other creative producers who have a wealth of experience and are willing to share their stories with the next generation, in an effort to elevate the craft of creating content that needs voice over. From navigating difficult situations with clients to getting the most from talent performances, on and off camera, I aim to draw out those types of stories.”

  • What topics are you excited to dive into the most?

“As the CEO, I like the customer stories. I enjoy hearing how we’ve had an impact by either making their lives easier or by helping their message get told in a way that resonates with their audience. Plus, as a trained audio engineer, I like to understand the tools, techniques and process of creating videos and audio content of all kinds. By sharing this knowledge, I believe we can spread insights of how stories are told in the digital medium.”

  • What type of guests can listeners expect to hear on ‘Voice Branding’?

“Listeners can expect to hear stories from the pros who are out there, living it each day. These professionals are practitioners, working with clients on brand campaigns. They aren’t merely educators, but rather, are active in the industry and are willing to take the time to pass their knowledge onto other within the space. Whether it’s a veteran who could refresh their skills and get inspired by the stories of their industry colleagues, or serve as a digital mentor for those entering into the field and are looking for helpful advice from those who’ve gone before them.”

You can listen to the first episode of the ‘Voice Branding’ podcast with Jon Corbin here.

If you or someone that you know would be a great guest on the podcast, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill out this application form.

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