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Who is the Voice of Elastigirl?

Every film is the result of hard work from many individuals: Writers, directors, animators, editors, and voice talent are all vital members of the storytelling team. 

When watching ‘The Incredibles’ and its sequel, ‘Incredibles 2’, the distinctive voice of Elastigirl may stand out to you. Read on to learn more about the character and the voice talent behind her. 

Background on The Incredibles 

‘The Incredibles’ is a Pixar film that came out in 2004. In many ways, this film anticipated the popularity of the superhero film trend that would follow over the next few decades. It takes place in a world where superheroes formerly protected the world. However, now they must operate under the radar. 

The main characters are Bob and Helen Parr. They used to work as the superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, respectively, but they now live a suburban life with their three children. The central conflict arises when Bob resumes secret superhero work. However, his efforts go awry, and Elastigirl must rescue him, along with the help of their two eldest children, who also have powers. 

Brad Bird wrote and directed the film, while John Walker produced it. The budget for the film was between $92 and $145 million. The film grossed $631.6 million worldwide. It was the fourth highest-grossing film of the year. ‘The Incredibles’ received high accolades among critics and audiences alike. 

It took 14 years for a sequel to this film to come out. The follow-up to ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Incredibles 2’, came out in 2018. Like its predecessor, this film was written and directed by Brad Bird. With a $200 million budget, the film grossed $1.2 billion at the worldwide box office. 

This film features a more active role for Elastigirl. She sets out to improve the image of superheroes while Bob stays home with the children. Like in the first film, chaos ensues, and the family must come together to save the day. 

Who Is Elastigirl? 

Elastigirl is one of the central characters of ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Incredibles 2’. She can stretch her body as if it is made out of elastic. Her elasticity lets her stretch far distances, bounce, turn into a parachute, and more. 

When she is not saving the world she is Helen Parr. At the beginning of the first movie, we see her wed Mr. Incredible. Eventually, the pair have three children, Violet, Dashel, and Jack-Jack. 

In many ways, her powers mirror her character. Throughout the films, Elastigirl must display great emotional flexibility and mental fortitude as she protects her family and deals with the development of the powers of her children. 

How Was the Character Created?

Elastigirl was created by Brad Bird, as he wrote the script for the movie. He wanted her to be a strong character who is a modern mother and multi-dimensional woman who has to manage ever-evolving situations with her superhero work and family life. 

The animated nature of the film posed some difficulties, especially with Elastigirl. Her stretching abilities made animating her harder than any previous Pixar character. Part of the challenge was due to ‘The Incredibles’ being the first Pixar film featuring humans.  

Who Is the Voice of Elastigirl? 

Holly Hunter is the voice of Elastigirl, and she is a great fit. Brad Bird chose Hunter as the voice talent for Elastigirl because he admires her ability to display “vulnerability” while being “tough as nails.” During the films, she has versatility with her voice. It has a distinctive raspy tone that conveys every emotion beautifully.  

Before the first film, Hunter did not count herself among voice actors. She was primarily known for her roles in ‘Broadcast News’, and Little Black Book. After ‘The Incredibles’,. Beyond Elastigirl, she has not taken more roles requiring voice talent. 

Elastigirl’s Best Quotes or Videos

Here are some of Elastigirl’s best quotes throughout the franchise:

  • “Girls, come on! Leave the saving of the world to the men? I don’t think so!”
  • “You need to be more flexible.”
  • “I love you, but if we’re going to make this work, you have to be more than Mr. Incredible. You know that, don’t you?”
  • “Bob! It’s time to engage! Do something! Don’t just stand there, I need you to… intervene!”
  • “Helen: Have a great day, honey. Help customers, and climb ladders.
  • “It is a bad thing, Bob! Uprooting our family *again* so that you can relive the glory days is a very bad thing!”
  • “Beg? Uh, no, I’m, I’m calling about a suit, about, about Bob’s suit. I’m calling about Bob’s suit!” 
  • “Easy, Helen, easy, easy girl. You’re overreacting, everything’s fine, they’re just…all getting coffee! At the same time… Yeah.”
  • A fantastic example of Elastigirl’s emotional range is in a scene partway through The Incredibles when Elastigirl is upset about her husband’s secrets and she gets a pep talk from superhero fashion designer, Edna Mode. Brad Bird voices Edna Mode. 
  • A plane explosion in The Incredibles showcases Elastigirls powers, her love for her children, and complex family dynamics. The voice of the character shows panic, which motivates the action of the scene. 

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