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Who is the Voice of Mr Incredible?

‘The Incredibles’ is one of the most popular Pixar movies of all time. On November 5, 2004, this classic film was released in theaters and immediately became a hit. It finished its theatrical run as the fourth-highest-grossing movie of 2004 after earning $632 million globally.

The popularity of this film can be attributed to its writing, its animation, its themes, and even the incredible voice acting behind it all. Speaking of voice actors, none other than Craig T. Nelson is the man behind the character Mr. Incredible, whom we follow in the film.

Craig T. Nelson is a popular actor well-known for many roles throughout his career, including being in Action Jackson, Coach, and much more. The voice actor of Mr. Incredible has done many projects since the start of his career, but ‘The Incredibles’ might be the most popular.

Background on ‘The Incredibles’

The Incredibles’ follows a family of superhumans going about their everyday lives. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, two former superheroes, were forced to stop using their superpowers after the government banned superpowered activities.

However, Mr. Incredible yearns for his former adventurous life. He will soon be compelled to resume his duties with his family to save the world. There is a significant gap between this movie and its sequel, ‘The Incredibles 2’ – this is because Pixar didn’t think it was appropriate to attempt to profit from its popularity by putting together a hastily written story.

Instead, they waited for the story to come to develop over many years, and it did in 2014 when it was announced a new movie would come out. By concentrating on the family aspect of the story, Pixar hoped to set this movie apart from other superhero movies. This movie goes in a slightly different direction than the first one and concentrates more on Elastigirl’s story arc.

In this 2018 film, the Incredibles work to win back the public’s trust in superheroes but run into a new adversary who wants to incite the public to distrust all superheroes. Elastigirl is enlisted to fight crime and win back the public’s affection for superheroes. While doing so, Mr. Incredible is forced to stay at home and watch over three boisterous kids.

Who Is Mr. Incredible and How Was the Character Created?

Mr. Incredible is a former superhero that yearns to reclaim his former glory. At the beginning of ‘The Incredibles’, Bob Parr, his alter-ego, is forced to live a mundane life. Eventually, he gets what he has always wanted, an adventure to save the world. He and his family battle it out with a new foe, reinvigorating his life while also showing him the importance of family.

The director of the Incredibles, Brad Bird, claimed that everything derived from its creation was like a “gumbo” of the adventure films, spy films, comedies, TV shows, and comic books he loved as a child, in addition to his personal family life. ‘The Incredibles’ is sort of a reflection of his family – even Mr. Incredible’s design is based on the creator’s likeness. 

Who Is the Voice of Mr. Incredible?

As mentioned before, the voice talent of Mr. Incredible is Craig T. Nelson. He is well known for his role as Coach Hayden Fox in Coach. He has also won many acting awards throughout his career.

He won a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series as Coach Hayden Fox. Nelson was awarded the Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Performance as Mr. Incredible.

Nelson had to undertake a journey to ensure that his dream job was firmly established before any of these works could ever materialize. Nelson didn’t pursue acting as a career until he was transferred to Yakima Valley College after flunking out of Central Washington University.

His drama instructor inspired him to become an actor, and he went on to study drama at the University of Arizona on a scholarship. Nelson quit school and relocated to Hollywood in 1969 to pursue a career as an actor. He worked as a security guard at a soap factory when he first arrived in California until he was hired as a comedy writer.

Nelson got his start in comedy in the entertainment industry as a young member of the Groundlings improv and sketch comedy group. The comedy team of Nelson, Barry Levinson, and Rudy De Luca were regular performers at The Comedy Store and on ‘The Tim Conway Comedy Hour’.

However, in 1973, Nelson left comedy behind because it was no longer satisfying. Before returning to acting, Nelson worked numerous odd jobs over the following five years, including plumbing, teaching, and even janitorial work.

He began to appear in many motion pictures like ‘Turner & Hooch’, and so much more. Craig T. Nelson went on to have a successful career, but his most popular role will have to be as Mr. Incredible in ‘The Incredibles’.

Mr. Incredible’s Best Quotes

There are many memorable quotes from ‘The Incredibles’, many of which are from Mr. Incredible. Here are just some of them:

“It’s psychotic! People keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity, but if someone is genuinely exceptional…”

“Reliving the glory days is better than pretending they never happened!”

“It’s not a graduation. He is moving from the fourth grade to the fifth grade.”

“No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. Sometimes I just want it to stay saved, you know!”

“I’ve been a lousy father, blind to what I have. So obsessed with being undervalued that I undervalued all of you.”

Final Thoughts

The value of family is an ongoing theme in ‘The Incredibles’, and Mr. Incredible learned this by the end of the first film. He realized he had to depend on his family and that they are the most important thing in his life, not being celebrated by others as a hero or celebrity.

Wondering who’s the voice of Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible’s wife? Read here to learn more.

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