Voices Plus : An Agency's Secret Announcements

Voices Plus: An Agency’s Secret Weapon to Overdeliver

Today, we’re launching the first of its kind at Voices – a membership plan intended for high production companies with high demands for speed and professional quality talent. 

We call it ‘Voices Plus’.  


Why did we add this membership option?

Because we listened. 

Our customers enjoy our marketplace for the fast turnarounds and diverse, global talent but for high production companies like agencies, they need added support to meet strict deadlines and have higher pressures to find distinct, professional talent. 

With Plus, they get additional access to tools and features to enhance productivity and complete high stakes projects faster than ever.

What Does A Plus Membership Include?

All of the features included in Plus are designed to help your team’s workflow and agility to deliver the perfect voice with a turnaround time that will make you look like a hero for your clients  – and win you more repeat business.

Get More Auditions, Faster 

All of your posted jobs with be promoted or ‘Featured’, giving your job the most viewability and triggering talent to apply right away. That means more auditions for you, in less time.

Accelerated Feedback & Approvals

Download auditions for post-production work and use it to obtain no-nonsense feedback. Hearing the voice within the project will make it easier to get the sign-off to push the project forward.


Get the credit for finding the perfect voice from start to finish. Remove the Voices branding from your shared shortlist and replace with any custom brand.

Access Any Talent You Need

Hire union talent anytime you need it (without paying the $199 per job fee). Now, you never have to limit your search in finding the perfect voice to complete the project.

Priority Customer Support

You won’t be alone in this. Whether it’s onboarding, or needing help along the way, you will enjoy escalated support with our internal Voices team.

How Do I Upgrade?

After you’ve signed up for the Voices marketplace, you’ll have the option to upgrade for $24.99/mo (billed annually) by navigating to your Account Settings and clicking on the Membership tab. Once you’ve upgraded you’ll never have to pull out a credit card or obtain PO approvals again; another way that Plus saves you time. 

Now, are you ready to overdeliver?

Upgrade to Plus
(Note: You must be logged in to go directly to this upgrade page.)

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