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What Is Articulate Storyline?

Articulate is dedicated to providing your workplace with the best creative tools to train your staff. However, if you would like to build your own e-courses, Articulate’s software has you covered.

An annual subscription to Articulate 360 comes with many high-end programs that grant you unlimited access to features like:

  • Over nine million course templates, royalty-free stock photos, and characters
  • Screencast recording
  • Interactive and slideshow-based online course building
  • Live and online training from experts in your field

‘Storyline’ may be the most valuable Articulate program for your workplace.

Articulate Storyline is the ideal software for creating interactive online courses for any subject. Its presentations will automatically adapt to the screens of multiple devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Quick, powerful, and easy to learn, it is your best resource for giving your employees the most engaging training course possible. 

If you are interested in providing online courses for your voice over talent, your training and projects will be streamlined and effective with Storyline software.

How Does Articulate Storyline Work?

It is simple and stress-free to get started using Storyline.

You can begin by selecting from the library of pre-built layouts and templates depending on the kind you want to build. From there, you can customize them any way you like, from their text to colors to image and video inserts. The size and placement of text boxes and images will automatically adjust to fit your chosen template. 

You can create an incredibly immersive experience with interactive games and activities as well. Storyline has many slide layers, motion path features, triggers, and changeable states with which you can build these tasks and displays.

Plus menu options are clear and easy to explore.

Once you finish putting it all together, you can use Articulate Review, another Storyline 360 integration, to show it to your stakeholders for peer review. This way, you can ensure that your course meets all of your work requirements before you use it for your employees, clients, or students. When you are satisfied, you can publish your completed work with the click of a button.

How Much Does It Cost?

Articulate offers high-end programs that will prove well worth every cent. You can sample them all with a thirty-day free trial, but if you choose to buy a perpetual license or to subscribe long-term, you can expect to spend:

  • Storyline 3 upgrade: $699.99
  • New Storyline 3 license: $1,398.00
  • Articulate 360 personal plan annual subscription: $999.00
  • Articulate 360 Teams annual subscription (per user): $1,299.00

Discounts on these prices are available. You can inquire about volume discounts on orders of five or more seats for your expanding team, multi-year subscription discounts on qualifying Articulate 360 Teams orders, or academic pricing for K-12 schools and two-year colleges and universities.

What Are Its Key Features?

Storyline has many features that allow you to train your employees with courses that are not only simple to create but also to make visually appealing and easy to understand. The most essential among them include:

  • Multi-device response features such as touchscreen sensitivity, hiding sidebars and toolbars, and mobile controls that work easily with your mobile device
  • Accessibility tools that allow you to create and edit your closed captions, styling them however you like, or import already existing caption files
  • Freedom to customize your text and slide formats however you choose or select one of the hundreds of ready-made templates
  • Interactive tools like dials and graphics for hands-on, engaging learning during your course
  • Triggers and motion path animations to visually explain concepts
  • Productivity enhancements such as automatic scaling and cropping of your images to fit your course format
  • HTML-5 only output, which supports all other features

The latest update, Storyline 360, includes dozens of new and exciting tools and features, including:

  • Millions of templates, photos, illustrations, characters, icons, and videos to use in your course, all accessible through Content Library 360
  • Improved project management features such as Team slides, access to stakeholder reviews (in connection with Review 360), and enhanced timeline management
  • Improved accessibility features such as converting text to speech, text to speech closed captions, and enhanced word translation
  • Improved audio and video
  • Improved animation, graphics, and image formatting
  • Modern player enhancements such as custom color and zoom
  • Additional quiz creation features such as retry options for incorrectly answered questions, scoring only questions viewed by the user, and expanded results tracking

Mastering the basic attributes of Storyline is simple and enjoyable, even if you are inexperienced in creating digital content. You’ll soon be putting together complex online courses like a true professional. Once you’ve gotten used to the key features, you will be able to further explore all the tools that Storyline has to offer and create more and more intricate projects.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

There are very few disadvantages to using top-of-the-line software such as ‘Storyline’. Even so, if we had to pinpoint any cons along with our long list of pros, it would be that Articulate programs such as Storyline and Articulate 360 are designed primarily for company and team use.

Personal user accounts are available on an annual subscription (see above). If you are looking to create highly professional and attention-grabbing courses, ‘Storyline’ can still be a valuable tool.

However, Team accounts are not only more affordable but have many more benefits for a large group of users like: Established companies or academic institutions, expanding businesses, and any other employer or manager who delivers information to a large staff or multiple clients.

What Can I Use Articulate Storyline For?

Articulate Storyline can be used for any online course you need. Employers can train staff, teachers can instruct their students, and agencies and casting directors can direct their voice talent for their roles in your productions. 

The library of illustrations, images, and characters was designed with millions of different careers and types of people in mind. No matter what field you work and teach in, ‘Storyline’ will become an invaluable resource for you!

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