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What is a Talent Agent?

A talent agent is a professional who represents voice over artists and other arts performers in the entertainment industry. 

Their primary role is to land work for their clients and negotiate contracts for them. This can include finding auditions, booking gigs, and securing roles in film, television, theater, music, and other areas of the entertainment industry. For voice over artists, this would be narrowed in to booking auditions and gigs for voice over roles in commercials, audio advertisements, documentaries, audiobooks, eLearning or video games.

Talent agents work closely with their clients to understand their strengths, skills, and goals, and use this knowledge to find opportunities that align with their clients’ careers. They also help their clients navigate the often-complex world of the entertainment industry, providing advice and guidance on everything from auditioning to negotiating contracts. 

Voice over talent agents are typically paid a percentage of their clients’ earnings, around 10-15%. 

This means that they are only successful if their clients are successful, which encourages them to work hard to find opportunities and secure the best possible deals for their clients. In order to become a talent agent, individuals typically need to have a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, strong negotiation skills, and excellent relationships with industry professionals. This is especially true for voice acting talent agents.

Many talent agents start their careers as assistants in talent agencies, firms or in other roles within the entertainment industry before moving up to become agents. 

Talent agents play a crucial role in helping voice over artists and other performers succeed in the entertainment industry. A good agent will work tirelessly to find opportunities for their clients and negotiate the best deals possible, helping to shape the careers of some of the most talented and creative people in the world.

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