Man peacefully listening to music on his mobile device.

Listening to music without words can be just what a tired creative needs to get back on their A-game.

Whether it is writer’s block or you’re feeling deprived of inspirational oxygen, sometimes the best cure is a good LP or playlist that touches a deeper, more primal side of you and stirs up passion in your soul.

Instrumental Music Strikes a Chord

On this front, instrumental music strikes a chord. It opens up new worlds, languages, tugs at emotion, sets the mood and acts as a powerful catalyst for releasing creativity.

Finding great music that allows you to focus is an art in itself. After relying on the same playlist for a while, I found myself looking for something new. So to find some great recommendations, I took my curiosity to LinkedIn.

Here Are the Responses I Received

My go-to musical playlist for focusing and creativity is “Classical” of one stripe or another. That said, I’m looking to diversify my portfolio. What gets you in the zone? Let me know!

“Myles Davis, Spyro Gyra, Pete Fountain, Dave Brubeck, Count Basie, Al Hurt, Chuck Mangione, Artie Shaw, Boston Pops….listening to all those at present while I write my book. Take Five is a must have in the music mix.” –Joe Savala

Bethel Music’s albums “Without Words” and “Synesthesia.” –Taylor Eckert

“Check out Tycho’s album called Dive. It’s instrumental and very calming. I listen to it at work all the time!” –Nicolette Tassios

“Classical music is a favorite, this morning it was jazz from the 20s and 30s. Some days it’s classic rock. Who knows what it will be tomorrow…” –Si “Pipes” Hawk

“Hi Stephanie, try some of the music from the various Cirque du Soleil shows – very eclectic and inspiring, with plenty of “world” flavour :-)” –Mike Tobin

“Movie Soundtracks – like John Turturro’s ‘Fading Gigalo’ or ‘Il Postino’ or Woody Allen’s latest, ‘Cafe Society.'” –Ashley Dowds

“Spotify has an awesome set of playlists for ‘getting focused’ I find myself so productive without even noticing the time when I cruising through of those playlists!” –Abi North

Need Some Invigoration?

Listen to some of the recommended music now or start your own quest!

Want to share your go-to instrumental artists or albums? Be sure to mention them in a comment below.



  1. In deed. I’m programmer and a plenty of instrumental music is very supportive for me while I’m thinking on stuff. It replaces all the background noises and really puts me into a creative stream! 🙂
    I really enjoy: Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Cobat, Animals As Leaders (when I need to force some more energey 🙂 ) and so on.


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