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For projects ranging from podcasts to explainer videos, Memory Tree taps into Voices for their voice over needs.

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Memory Tree has been rooted in the visual storytelling industry for 25 years. Founded in 1996 by Peter Shannon, who remains the company’s president to this day, the production company taps into the power of stories and creative problem-solving to build video marketing campaigns for its wide array of clients—who range from brand-name companies to educational institutions to everything in between.

When you’ve been in business for so long, you’re bound to develop go-to workflows and sturdy partnerships that you know you can always count on, through rain and shine. A perfect example of one such partnership is that of the one between Memory Tree and Voices.

Using voice over to access the heart of a story

Based in Kitchener, Canada, Memory Tree employs a full-time staff of 23 people and produces between 1,800 to 2,200 videos each year. Rejecting a one-size-fits-all philosophy, Memory Tree’s team of directors, producers, cinematographers, animators, editors, and writers tackle every new challenge with a bespoke solution—whether that means a series of videos, an original podcast, or even a virtual reality or augmented reality piece. “It’s our job to solve problems,” says Peter Shannon. “I don’t think there’s a problem out there that we haven’t encountered.”  

When a client approaches Memory Tree with a hurdle they need to overcome or a message they’re striving to communicate, Memory Tree routinely suggests sourcing a professional voice actor to tell their story. 

“A good narrator provides the tone. It’s a big part of the heart of the story.”
— Peter Shannon, president of Memory Tree

Once Memory Tree and a client agree that voice over is the optimal tool to bring their project to life, it’s not unusual for a client to propose that they ask somebody they know personally to record the voice over for them. However, Shannon and his team recognize the importance of working with a professional, and routinely turn to Voices for their voice over needs. After posting a job on the platform, Memory Tree will receive a variety of qualified auditions—consisting sometimes of over 200 responses. 

“Working with a professional organization like Voices allows people the flexibility to make their projects as good as possible with as small of an effort on the producer’s side. Voices helps find that exact niche voice that we’re looking for for a client. It saves me a ton of time.”
— Peter Shannon, president of Memory Tree

Hiring the perfect voice to host a podcast for seniors

Although Memory Tree is best-known as a top-notch video production agency, the company’s dedication to finding the greatest creative solution for each client can lead them down new and exciting paths. One collaboration that Shannon is particularly proud of is a podcast project that Memory Tree conceived for Schlegel Villages, a company that manages long-term care and retirement homes throughout Ontario, Canada. 

Launched in October 2020, #ElderWisdom: Stories from the Green Bench features seniors having conversations about their lives and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. A major component of the show’s success is its co-host, Erin Davis, who Memory Tree discovered with the help of Voices.

“We contacted our Voices account manager, and she gave us a list of 10 different podcast hosts. I interviewed three of them on the phone, and knew within two minutes of talking with Erin Davis that she was the host. She’s perfect. She exceeded my expectations. I cried listening to episode three. We owe a debt of gratitude to Voices for helping us find Erin.”
— Peter Shannon, president of Memory Tree

Within three weeks of debuting, #ElderWisdom climbed to the top 15 in the Society & Culture > Relationships charts on Apple Podcasts. Memory Tree’s client, Schlegel Villages, was incredibly pleased with the outcome. 

Fostering a longstanding relationship with Voices

Before Voices, Shannon primarily used booking agents to source professional voice actors to narrate Memory Tree projects. Nowadays, he often turns to Voices to find the pitch-perfect voices to help his clients tell their stories. 

In 2020, Memory Tree had the opportunity to work with Auto Trader to produce a video highlighting the company’s new secure payment feature. With a narration procured through Voices, the 60-second spot efficiently explained Auto Trader’s online payment system and went on to receive a 2020 Communicator Award for Excellence in Film/Video Direct Marketing.

Especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic upended the media industry, Shannon is optimistic about the future of Memory Tree and its ability to source remote voice actors to complete a wide range of digital projects using Voices.

“There are so many stories to tell out there that I can hardly wait to get to the next one. Voices and Memory Tree are a really good partnership.”
— Peter Shannon, president of Memory Tree

Top outcomes

  • Sourced voice talent for a wide range of creative projects over a 25-year period
  • Hired a voice actor to become the host of a podcast that reached over 10,000 downloads in a matter of months
  • Voices’ high-quality talent pool and easy-to-use platform have accelerated Memory Tree’s workflow and helped them to produce approx. 2,000 projects annually

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