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Taking Your Show On The Road: Prepping For Geographic Expansion Of Your Business

forbesJanuary 29, 2020
Humans are creatures of comfort. We all have preferred coffee shops, favorite brands of shampoo and sweaters we would never dream of giving away. Entrepreneurs, however, live outside the comfort zone.

Can You Match the TV Commercial Voiceover to the Celebrity?

AppJobsJanuary 25, 2020
Some Hollywood stars don’t mind stepping in front of the camera for TV commercials — hello, Lincoln driver Matthew McConaughey — while others believe it’s better to be heard and not seen. Nevertheless, companies pay big bucks to have A-listers narrate their ads, often enlisting “approachable” voices to remind viewers of a “trusted peer, friend or family member,” according to a 2018 report.

Complete Projects Faster with Voices Plus from

tv-insiderJanuary 14, 2020, the world’s largest marketplace connecting businesses to voice over talent, announced the launch of a membership plan that enables businesses to complete projects faster with tools and features focused on speed and flexibility. Just launched, Voices Plus is a monthly subscription plan catering to the demanding and ever-changing workload of advertising agencies.

Voice AI 2020 Predictions from 46 Voice Industry Pros

AppJobsJanuary 1, 2020
“Today we start a new year and a new decade. The past decade has in many ways been about the dominance of mobile followed by the rise of voice assistants.”

David Ciccarelli on The Client Catching Podcast

AppJobsDecember 19, 2019
“Being intentional is a discipline. Not always easy in today’s world with so many distractions that can cause us to drift away from any and all good intentions! Yet being intentional can be the key to success for all entrepreneurs.”

David Ciccarelli on the Startup Canada Podcast

AppJobsDecember 17, 2019
“When you start an adventure it’s natural to want to have a map, but what good is a map without a compass? If you ask David Ciccarelli, Co-Founder and CEO of, the discipline of intention is that compass.”

New Report Says Consumers Have 71% Preference for Human Over Robot Voices for Voice Assistant User Experience

AppJobsNovember 20, 2019
“Voicebot Research has found that not only do consumers prefer human voices over synthetic in their voice experiences, but the difference is 71.6% more. That is one of the findings in the newly published report What Consumers Want in Voice App Design.”

David Ciccarelli on The Business Power Hour

AppJobsNovember 15, 2019
“David Ciccarelli is the Co-Founder and CEO of, the online marketplace that connects business people with professional voice-over talent. The unique blending of his audio engineering background with self-taught product development skills afforded David the creative freedom to pursue his passion for innovation.”

Stephanie Ciccarelli - Business Woman of the Month

AppJobsJanuary 1, 2019
“Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of, Stephanie Ciccarelli first developed her business idea with her husband. Founded in Ontario, the company is now the world’s largest online marketplace for voice actors and their employers.”

Celebrity Voiceover Projected To Drop In 2019

AppJobsDecember 19, 2018
“As audio content grows, brands are increasingly seeking female voices as well as regular-folks voices over celebrities and robots, according to's annual trend report predicting advertising, marketing and voiceover trends for 2019.”

Upcoming Trends in Voice Over, Advertising, and Marketing

Digital Information WorldDecember 15, 2018
“Recently, Voices, an online marketplace for voice actors, released a future-looking report that compiled data from the company’s vast database, as well as a survey of about 2,000 creative professionals to uncover trends in voice-rich media production, the most sought-after vocal qualities, and even the future of work for creative content producers.”

Top 28 Employee Wellness Program Ideas & Tips

Fit Small BusinessDecember 13, 2018
“Voices.CALM, as it is affectionately called in the office, is a quiet space where team members can go to decompress, breathe, stretch, meditate, read quietly, nap, or just relax. In our bustling, collaboration-friendly office, this space is intended to fulfill physical and spiritual needs of our employees.”

How To Earn Money With Part-Time Jobs - 29 Professionals Reveal

AppJobsDecember 3, 2018
“Voice acting is a little-known job, but it can be a lucrative side gig, online hustle, part-time or full-time job. Advances in technology have meant that microphones, recording software, and headphones can all be purchased at a reasonable price to create a home studio and kick-start your voice acting career.”

Thriving as a Voice Actor: Tips and Tricks to Grow Your VO Empire

AppJobsNovember 26, 2018
“Research gathered from a survey of voice actors and coaches from around the world was combined with insights from’s robust database to reveal the key indicators of voice acting success.”

Video Game Voice Actresses are More in Demand Than Ever Before

PolygonOctober 26, 2018
“According to an online marketplace for gig-seeking actors,, demand is increasing for actresses. The company, which allows actors to upload their profiles and reels, says its female clients are now more likely to find a gig in games than the men on their books.”

Hearing Voices: How to Create Impact With the Right Voiceover

MarketingProfsOctober 8, 2018
“Voiceovers are everywhere. And voiceover trends are changing. There is increased demand for accents, and the demand for non-English voiceovers is outpacing the demand for English voiceovers. That's according to the 2018 report of voiceover trends in marketing and advertising.”

5 Audio Marketing Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

CMSWireOctober 4, 2018
“As we edge towards 2019, its clear to see the growing role of audio content in our daily lives. From morning news readouts to late-afternoon podcast sessions, Google claims that 72 percent of those who own a voice-activated speaker use the device as part of their daily routine.”

28 "Hard-Won" Strategies To Help Your Team To Really Thrive

BuzzfeedSeptember 28, 2018
“So you started a business, or you got promoted to manager. Or you have dreams of being the CEO one day. What can you do to help your team thrive? Or what do you wish your boss started to implement to improve the culture. I reached out to 28 prominent female leaders for them to share their best advice from their experience about how to help their team to thrive.”

26 Industry Experts Reveal the Best Soundproofing Materials and Techniques

Go-Mash MarketingSeptember 28, 2018
“There is a difference between ‘soundproofing’ and ‘sound treating’ a room. Decoupling a space is the most effective way of insulating a recording space, but is usually out of the budget for a home recording studio. Some simple sound treatment on a room will make a big difference in the quality of a recording.”

Women Of The C-Suite: “Get to know your team members’ personality types”

Authority MagazineSeptember 14, 2018
“Get to know your team members and understand their personality types. It’s amazing how much stronger and empowered your people can be when their strengths are known and are leveraged daily in their roles.”

The 11 Best Microphones for YouTube Vlogging in 2018

VloggerProSeptember 13, 2018
“You want to get a unidirectional or bidirectional microphone if you don’t want to record everything that is happening outside your window. Nobody wants to hear the sound of a truck passing by your house, or the neighborhood kids cleverly insulting each other, right?”

Growth 500: The Complete Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Canadian BusinessSeptember 13, 2018
“In many ways, the companies on the 2018 Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies are diverse: they represent a vast array of industries, regions and size. But in one variable they are firmly united: each has demonstrated aggressive—often, exponential—revenue growth.”

Small Business Strategy: 22 Startups on the Best Changes They’ve Made

SpendeskSeptember 4, 2018
“Every startup has room for improvement. In fact, most have so many potential changes to make, it can become paralyzing. When you'd like to change everything, you end up changing nothing. We asked 22 real startups or small businesses for the single best change they ever made, and why they're so happy they made it.”

Public Relations Must Knows in Business

Startup CanadaAugust 28, 2018
“Even in the world’s largest marketplace of online voice over talent, Trisha Beausaert knows how to be the voice that the world listens to, and remembers. Trisha is the PR manager at and is an award-winning communications and public relations professional. She has worked with some of the biggest media outlets in North America, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CBC, and Financial Post.”

Top Tips for Organic LinkedIn Marketing

Go-Mash MarketingAugust 18, 2018
“The network has two main ways for marketing: paid and organic. Paid marketing being LinkedIn advertising and premium options, and organic being unpaid. I asked the Expert Community for tips on using LinkedIn for marketing, and received a number that focused on paid and a number that focused on organic, so I have split them into two posts. This one covers organic marketing.”

5 Reasons it Pays For Actors To Get into Voice Acting

Stage 32August 13, 2018
“If you caught the blog post How to Break into Voice Acting, then you know what it takes to get in the game. In this second post by voice acting mentor and speaker Stephanie Ciccarelli, she dives deep into why voice acting is just as relevant as stage and screen acting, and a fantastic way to supplement your income.”

The 3 Stories You Need to Tell During a Capital Raise

Startup NationAugust 6, 2018
“What’s the best way to really get someone to listen and draw them in? Storytelling has been the medium of choice for communicators and entrepreneurs since the beginning of time. To connect with another person, you need to meet them where they are, find common ground and give them someone (or something) to root for.”

How to Attract an Investment in Your Startup With Four Documents

MIT Executive Education BlogAugust 3, 2018
“When it comes to raising capital for your startup, it can be an overwhelming but necessary step in order to scale your business. In a recent Forbes article, 2018 MIT Platform Strategy Summit attendee and CEO David Ciccarelli identifies four documents that are key to helping you raise capital for your company.” Reaches Half-Million User Milestone

TechvibesJuly 30, 2018
“ has announced they have surpassed 500,000 registered users on their platform. The London, Ontario-based company was founded in 2005 and operates as an online marketplace for audio and voice talent. has more than two million unique visitors each year and has enabled over 300,000 transactions spread over 160 countries.”

13 Things You Never Knew About Your Voice

Reader's DigestJuly 26, 2018
“Despite studies confirming that robots could replace you at work, you have one thing the machines don’t—a real voice. The 2018 Voice Over Trends Report found that 93 percent of 1,000 survey respondents prefer human-generated sound and speech compared to robotic ones.”

4 Creative Ways to Re-Use Your Existing Content Assets

Social Media TodayJuly 25, 2018
“Have you ever published a piece of content and thought to yourself, “Now what?” Taking a closer look at the wealth of content you’ve accumulated over time and identifying new ways to put it to good use is the perfect way to maximize performance, and get the most value from your efforts.”

London Company Marks Another Milestone

Blackburn NewsJuly 24, 2018
“The digital talent platform announced Tuesday it now has more than 500,000 registered users of its online audio and voice over products and services. also noted it now has customers in 160 different countries around the world.”

Use Automated Document Management Solutions to go Digital

IBM Systems MagazineJuly 17, 2018
“A strong advocate of office automation is David Ciccarelli, co-founder and CEO of He has taken the plunge to go paperless. For his company, creating custom documents is important because it gives end users the sense that the information is both relevant and important.”

How to Break Into Voice Acting

Stage 32July 16, 2018
“What does it really take to break into voice acting? Can just anyone do it? If you’re an actor, voice acting already comes easier to you than most people. That said, even actors have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to working exclusively with their voice.”’s David Ciccarelli on Voice Talent and Marketplaces

Serial MarketerJuly 5, 2018
“When people think of voiceover, they think radio and television commercials. However, traditional broadcast ads only account for about 10% of the $4.4-billion voiceover market. Nowadays, voiceover is being used in a variety of business applications such as Internet videos, e-learning tutorials, and podcasts.”

Real Talk About Building a Home Music Studio With Recording Pro Bob Breen

CareersinMusic.comJuly 5, 2018
“Recording Engineer Bob Breen is an expert in designing and building studios, from state-of-the-art facilities frequented by superstars to DIY home studios where up-and-comers can record demos and independent releases.”

Local Voice Artist Overcomes Tumour to Follow Passion

KLKN-TVJune 27, 2018
“A Lincoln voice actor shared a remarkable story of recovery after a tumor nearly took away her voice. Her name is Melissa Epp, you may recall her being the director of the Lincoln Community Playhouse, or a member of the Lincoln Arts Council. But for most of her adult life, voice acting has been Epp's passion.”

5 Factors When Selecting Your Voice Over Talent for Maximum Impact

MarTech ZoneJune 22, 2018
“ produces an annual voice over trends report with input from over 1,000 creative professionals internationally, including producers, instructional designers, filmmakers, commercial directories, advertising executives, and marketing professionals. They released this infographic that provides analysis on vocal styles, accents, languages, and even age markets.”

The Enduring Magic of the Voice Actor

Canadian HR ReporterJune 12, 2018
“Voice actors have power. Whether you hear them through the voice-activated assistant in your kitchen, the navigation system in your car, a cartoon you watch with your child, or a video game you play alone, their voices inject humanity into the experience.”

20 Unusual Things Fans Might Have Forgotten About Paul Rudd

Canadian HR ReporterJune 4, 2018
“Did you know that Paul did voice-overs for Hyundai? It's true. Nowadays it's not selling out, as many respected actors do commercials or voice-overs for products. And most times it's for cars. Jason Bateman voiced Honda commercials and Kiefer Sutherland lent his voice to Ford trucks, among many others. Their voices helped build brand equity and familiarity.”

How We Changed Our Industry Through a Two-Sided Marketplace

Canadian HR ReporterMay 30, 2018
“Building a two-sided marketplace, can be the most challenging type of company to start. Here's some great advice from David Ciccarelli, CEO of voice-over marketplace,”

From Commercials to Cartoons to Instructional Videos, She Has a Voice for That

Winnipeg Free PressMay 19, 2018
“It was during her tenure at CHVN, where she worked as an announcer from 2007 to 2014, that she began learning the ins and outs of the voice-over industry. One of her tasks was to record spots for companies advertising on the Christian music radio station, and because that often required her to use her acting chops, it quickly became one of her favourite aspects of the job.”

Wired for Sound: Why Brands Need to Shift the Emphasis to Audio Experience

CMO AustraliaMay 15, 2018
“Now with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomePod recently joining the Australian smart speaker market, consumers are gradually becoming more familiar with the idea of literally telling devices what to do – and listening back for their response. The result is that marketers are having to think more carefully about the audio experience they provide, rather than simply the visual.”

Moose Javian Sean Gurnsey Fell Into Voice Acting After Lyme Disease Changed His Life

Regina Leader-PostMay 11, 2018
“Sean Gurnsey’s resume was a mixed bag. He has worked at a sawmill, at a Christian school, in information technology, at Home Hardware. His skills ranged from fixing toilets to reciting speeches. A lot of this experience, he used as program director of Joe’s Place in Moose Jaw, the same youth centre he’d attended as a kid. “Voice actor” was a new one for his CV.”

Meet Stephanie Ciccarelli, Chief Brand Officer and Co-Founder of

Women of InfluenceApril 27, 2018
“I decided to be an entrepreneur because I have always wanted to help people and my early way of doing that was through song. Eventually, my passion to help others led me to become an entrepreneur. It wasn’t something I planned or decided; I just pursued what I loved to do, and with time it became a fully functioning company.”

Canada’s Best Workplaces

The Globe and MailApril 26, 2018
“The organizations on this list get it; they are the Best Workplaces in Canada. But for most, it didn’t start with a grand notion of altruism. Typically, it begins with leaders who want to improve the financial performance and quality of their enterprise – although building a better world is a pretty decent byproduct.”

Wealthsimple, Flipp Make Great Place to Work List

Canadian HR ReporterApril 26, 2018
“The report is divided into three categories: companies under 100 employees, companies between 100 to 999 employees, and 1,000 or more employees. In the under 100 list, Habanero took the top spot. Other companies in the under 100 category included tech companies like Toronto-based Statflo at 10th place, EventMobi at 30th place, and London-based at 47th place.”

These are Canada’s Best Workplaces

Canadian HR ReporterApril 26, 2018
“Finding a good job can be tough. Benefits, perks, salary and more can weigh on someone when deciding where to apply—not to mention the polarizing idea of “work culture.” Thankfully, lists like Best Workplaces™ in Canada exists, and the 2018 edition has just been published featuring a host of tech companies in the rankings.”

Salesforce, Kicking Horse Coffee, Habanero among best workplaces in Canada

Canadian HR ReporterApril 26, 2018
“More than 1,200 business professionals from across Canada — including more than 100 CEOs — gathered in Toronto on April 25 as the top employers in the country were unveiled by Great Place to Work.”

Demand for Female Voice Actors Growing

tvoApril 9, 2018
“According to the latest research conducted by, the number of female job postings in the voice-over industry is growing and the trend will continue. The internal data of the global service linking companies to voice-over professionals shows that over the past five years the number of job postings seeking a female voice over actress increased by 24 percent, whereas the number of postings for men went up by only 16 percent.”

The 7 Best Freelance Jobs and Which Websites to Search for Them

Go-Mash MarketingApril 4, 2018
“Voice acting isn’t easy. The industry is competitive, it’s hard to stand out, and you need both skills and equipment in order to produce work that clients will love. Unless you’ve been blessed with a magic voice, you’ll probably need voice coaching as well. But if you think you can cut it, and if you’re serious about becoming a top-talent voice actor, you can make a comfortable living.”

What Is It Like Working With Family?

tvoApril 4, 2018
“Husband-and-wife team David and Stephanie Ciccarelli are the co-founders of “We came up with the idea after an article was written about my recording studio in the local newspaper,” said David. "As a married couple working together, it’s important to recognize that practically 100 percent of your time is spent together, from waking up or having lunch, to team meetings and going to sleep.”

Winning Workplaces Put Flexibility First

tvoMarch 27, 2018
“A company’s employees take a survey based on four pillars: work, life, mental health and physical health. Employees’ well-being is scored based on their responses, and the aggregate of responses determines their company’s score. Those companies that meet a minimum statistical threshold earn the distinction of being named an Employee Recommended Workplace and can use the award badge to promote their company. This is no small feat.”

250+ Proven Ways to Make Money in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

tvoMarch 26, 2018
“I think we can all agree that getting paid to talk is a pretty sweet gig, and is the #1 marketplace for voice over talent. Voice actors and actresses can join at either the guest or premium levels ($33.25 per month, billed annually), which lets you create your own profile on the site and audition for publicly posted jobs.”

10 Marketing Experts Share Tips to Create Explainer Videos That Convert

tvoMarch 20, 2018
"An explainer video is more like a brand-to-audience conversation. It’s therefore crucial that the voice-over speaks to the audience in an engaging way. You should not go for bland, robotic voice-overs. The voice talent you cast should be a representation of your audience (age, language, accent, and demographic etc.). Your viewers would love listening to a voice which sounds like a guy/girl next door."

Actor Gives Insight Into Demanding and Exciting Industry

tvoMarch 15, 2018
“Joe Wakeford, 37, who also composes his own music, spoke about how he fell into the voiceover work, going on to build his client list and progress from the start. It can be said no two days are the same in voiceover acting and it leads to various opportunities across the industry. The 37-year-old said he believes the job can be for anyone who wishes to take that step.”

2018 Voice Over Trends: The Future is Female

tvoMarch 12, 2018
“The number of voice-over job postings for female voices grew 24% and will exceed that of males within 7 years. This is a big deal because the voice-over industry has historically been male-dominated. This shift to female voices correlates to the emergence of the  “just like me” trend in advertising. What this means is that consumers increasingly prefer (and relate better) to someone who sounds like them.”

Morgan Freeman Tops Online Survey As Most Popular Celebrity Voice Of 2018

tvoMarch 7, 2018
“According to an online survey, done by, Morgan Freeman unsurprisingly tops the list of celebrity voices most in demand for ad campaigns. Freeman is followed by George Clooney, Mike Rowe, Sam Elliott, James Earl Jones, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Viola Davis and finally, Beyonce.”

Why You're Always Hearing Celebrities Voice Commercials

tvoFebruary 21, 2018
“The report reveals the most popular celebrity voices according to marketing and advertising professionals, as well as how these professionals plan to use celebrity talent and related vocal archetypes in 2018 campaigns. In addition, the report explains why certain voices are so sought-after, even when you can’t see the famous person’s face connected with their voice.”

Newfoundland Doctor Finds Flourishing Sideline in Voice-Over Work

tvoJanuary 25, 2018
“As fast as he can say pseudotumor cerebri in his warm and reassuring tone, Dr. Anatol Silotch can transform his voice to sound like a happy Irishman, a posh Brit, a 1950s gangster or a flamboyant European supermodel.”

St. John’s Doctor Uses Voice Acting Career to Fuel His Goal of Becoming a Practising Physician

tvoJanuary 18, 2018
“As fast as he can say pseudotumor cerebri in his warm and reassuring tone, Dr. Anatol Silotch can transform his voice to sound like a happy Irishman, a posh Brit, a 1950s gangster or a flamboyant European supermodel.”

Entrepreneurs Leading the Pack

tvoJanuary 16, 2018
“When it comes to finding contractors for any kind of voice acting, it can be difficult for companies to find the right talent. That’s where David Ciccarelli and his London, Ont.-based comes in.”

London CEO Named Finalist for Canadian Innovation Award

tvoJanuary 9, 2018
“ CEO David Ciccarelli, along with three others, is vying for top honours in the Entrepreneur category. Founded in 2005 by David and Stephanie Ciccarelli, is an online voice-over company that connects businesses with professional voice talent globally.”

Listen Up! 5 Voice Trends That Will Define Advertising and Marketing in 2018

tvoJanuary 9, 2018
“With audio becoming a key component of the digital marketing mix, brand marketers will need to stay on top of the trends taking place in voice markets. Each year,, a global online marketplace for voiceover talent, identifies what’s been happening in audio, based on insights from its internal data and input from nearly a thousand creative professionals. Here are the key findings from its 2018 Trends Report.” Now Offering Access to Unionized Talent

tvoJanuary 5, 2018
“Compounded by the fact that it’s adding access to talent agents and their unionized voice actors to the site’s current offering of professional non-union voice actors, is seeing an exponential increase in traffic on its platform at a global scale.” Expands Platform to Include SAG-AFTRA Union Voice Actors

tvoJanuary 4, 2018
“In August 2017, the company acquired California-based, which allows producers to hire union voice over actors through their talent agents. In February, the two companies will operate under the umbrella”

London’s Expands Platform to Unionized Media Artists

tvoJanuary 4, 2018
“The London-based company is once again expanding its stronghold in the voice-over market—an industry pegged at $4.4 billion annually—by offering access to Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, or SAG-AFTRA members for short.”

5 Killer Stats to Start Your Week

tvoJanuary 2, 2018
“While demand for English voice overs continues to dominate, the desire for localised voices – those that have an accent or dialect – across all languages, is increasing. Demand for English with a British accent rose by 12%, while English with an Australian accent grew 22%. Meanwhile, demand for Spanish (Latin American) grew 11%, compared to French (Canadian) at 3%.”

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