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Voice-Over Actors Are Talking Up The Apps That Help Them Get Work

Los Angeles TimesSeptember 8, 2015
"Gone are the days where voice actors were forced to zoom all over Hollywood for auditions. The digital disruption that's occurred in other professions is quickly changing the $15-billion voice-over industry, enabling actors to cut out agents and find work on movie trailers, commercials, corporate training videos and audio books."


11 Questions You Should Ask Your Managers Weekly

Inc. MagazineAugust 4, 2015
“I’ve often said that a successful company is the result of thousands of good decisions. It’s decision-making that drives a company forward. Until the decision is made, ideas are merely talk and data merely numbers.”


4 Ways to Draw People to Your Booth at Your Next Conference

Fox NewsApril 30, 2015
“[Perhaps,] as an attendee, you’ve wondered how you could exhibit at the next event and how you could ensure a return on your investment for the exhibitor space.”

How Creative Office Design Can Positively Impact Your Culture: 6 Tips

Huffington PostJuly 23, 2015
“When redesigning an office space to accommodate a dramatic increase in growth, form and function should play a significant role in your decision making process. The layout, aside from being graceful and intuitive, needs to facilitate an element of fun while boosting workplace productivity.”


Company Finds its (International) Voice

Canada ExportJune 23, 2015
“Renamed, their enterprise has grown into a successful private company that today employs 85 people, with projected billings of $15 million in 2015. Its ‘voice-match’ web platform is home to some 250,000 customers, he says, half of them voice actors and the other half business clients that hire the actors and pay a transaction fee. ‘It’s like Airbnb for voices,’ Ciccarelli explains." 


Write a Winning Business Plan With These 8 Key Elements

EntrepreneurJune 23, 2015
“For everything in life, you need a plan, right? The same can be said for business. Every business, whether a startup or a full-fledged, profitable organization, needs a business plan. To know where you are going, you have to know where you came from and what came before you.”


13 Questions to Screen Potential Hires for Culture Fit

Inc. MagazineJune 2, 2015
“I often tell the story about when I was young and found the one personality that I'd butt heads with. In turn, I ask, ‘What kind of personality or specific character trait seems to rub you the wrong way?’”


14 Tools to Track Key Performance Indicators for Your Business LogoJune 23, 2015
“Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measure how effective your company is at achieving its goals, so it's important to find a high-performance software that gives you a comprehensive look at your overall business—not just individual departments.”


Voices Eyes Expansion to New York City Through Canadian Technology Accelerator

TechVibesJune 2, 2015
“ is expanding its global footprint and opening up operations in New York City come September 1. The company is currently engaged in the Canadian Technology Accelerator, a program put on by the Canadian government that invites high potential Canadian tech companies to do business development in New York City.”


The Three Failures You Can Always Bounce Back From

The Wall Street JournalApril 30, 2015
“When you are the one person accountable for the performance (or lack thereof) of a company, you will have a greater appreciation for the impact failure can have. So when you’re experiencing defeat as an entrepreneur — whether it involves finances, credibility or your livelihood                                                       — know that it can be one of the best learning experiences, provided that you take take responsibility for it.” Plans to Go Global with $2 Million in Funding

Financial PostApril 29, 2015
“, a London, Ont.-based online marketplace for voiceover talent, is planning to make its global ambitions reality with $2 million in funding from BDC Capital announced Wednesday.” Launches Apple Watch App

TechVibesApril 23, 2015
“The Canadian company's Apple Watch app will take advantage of the small screen size by building on voice-over talents' most-relied upon features of the current iOS app offering by the company.”


Pet Projects Can Crush Productivity In Your Company

ForbesApril 22, 2015
“As employees began to pursue projects they were passionate about, they were in effect learning on the job, mostly through trial and error. That said, learning on the job while achieving excellence is not an easy feat for anyone.”

Redefining Interview: 3 Ways to Keep it Fresh

HR.comApril 20, 2015
“[The] very definition of what an interview is - and is not - may be radically different from the traditional understanding. It starts long before a candidate shows up in your waiting area, and it similarly ends long after handshakes and goodbyes are exchanged. It lives both online and offline, and it involves far more resources than just an HR manager or whoever actually asks the questions.”


David Ciccarelli: Preparing for the Fast Lane

The Wall Street JournalApril 6, 2015
“Is your company at a stage in its development where you feel you’re on the edge of a breakthrough? When your business begins to gain traction, there’s no better place for your crew to go from good to great than at an accelerator geared toward growth.”


10 Things You Absolutely Need to Say in a First Interview

The StreetMarch 16, 2015
“Tell the hiring manager what your availability is, says Kaitlyn Annaert, human resources manager at Whether you're available immediately,require two weeks' notice at your current employer or need a month to relocate, let them know upfront.”

5 Motivational Sayings For Startups

WeWorkMarch 11, 2015
“Language: it’s how we communicate, describe challenges, and share ideas. When a friend or colleague is talking about their company, you might notice they tend to use words that belong only to them; maybe they have slick sayings that keep them focused. If you listen long enough, you’ll pick up on internal sayings that mean something unique to their team and spur them on.”


Do-It-Yourself Marketing

The Wall Street JournalMarch 11, 2015
“Asking if your startup should spend money on marketing is like asking a person if they should breathe. Of course they should. It’s more of a question of where, when and how much.”


Canadian Startups Take Bite Out of the Big Apple Through Federal Program

The Globe and MailMarch 2, 2015
“The founder and chief executive of voice talent matching service is temporarily setting up shop in Times Square, alongside five other Canadian-based technology companies, as part of the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in New York digital tech program.”


Cultivating Relationships With Vendors Opens a World of Opportunity

Entrepreneur.comFebruary 25, 2015
“Recently, I was invited to meet with a vice president at a global cloud-computing company. The invitation wasn’t just a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity to get advice on how they use their own tools and services to run their own business. In short, I would be getting a chance to see if they really drink their own Kool-Aid. (Spoiler alert: They do.)”


Make Bootstrapping Your Default Position

WSJFebruary 12, 2015
“As someone who has bootstrapped a company from nothing to over $25 million in cumulative sales, I can tell you it’s a path that shouldn’t be dismissed. The first few years are going to be difficult, and frankly it can seem very slow going. But when things take off, like they have for us in the last year, they really begin accelerating.”


Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Creativity Maximizes Productivity

The Huffington PostFebruary 10, 2015
“What do you do when you feel you've run out of steam? More and more professionals are learning the importance of being able to not only manage their time better, but also their creativity. Here are three ways that you can harness your creativity to position yourself for success and achieve more with less.”


Are Your Hiring Procedures Working for Your Company?

MonsterFebruary 5, 2015
“, a voice-over talent marketplace, eliminated one step in its hiring process to make it more effective, says Kaitlyn Annaert, human resource manager.”


Delaying Your Own Pay Is Foolish

The Wall Street JournalFebruary 5, 2015
“When you first start hiring employees, you’ll probably end up with some bad matches.”


If You Want to Be Big in 2015, Think Big

The Globe and MailJanuary 1, 2015
“Don’t have any resolutions set in stone? Consider adopting the following resolutions, which revolve around increasing your sales to bigger corporate customers, gaining more visibility for your brand and creating a corporate culture that attracts and retains the best possible talent.”


Set Your Goals 10 Times Bigger to Grow Faster

Entrepreneur.comDecember 19, 2014
“In growth companies, the role of leaders at all levels of the organization is to develop action plans that support the overall corporate strategy. Carrying out these action plans is often referred to as the "execution.'' But just how is execution measured? How can you be sure you fulfill the task assigned?”


David Ciccarelli: Finding Your Company’s Pulse

The Wall Street JournalDecember 18, 2014
“Research shows that one thing that separates high-performing organizations from the others is a commitment to regularly-obtained and candid feedback from employees. As a leader, providing your organization with a method to give confidential feedback is crucial to fostering a climate of trust. It not only results in higher employee engagement, but a better corporate culture.”


New API Exposes Voice-Over Database

Programmable WebDecember 12, 2014
“, an industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent, has released an API that provides access to its database of more than 125,000 voice-over professionals.”

Unemployment Up, But Tech Still Hiring

CTVDecember 5, 2014
“At in London, staff are constantly training new hires. The company, which has seen quick growth over the past ten years, keeps expanding.”

4 (Better) Alternatives to the Traditional Office Holiday Party

Fast CompanyDecember 5, 2014
“Co-founder Stephanie Ciccarelli argues tapping into the giving spirit of the season helps to foster a connection between the company and employees. ‘Gifts and bonuses, while great things, only go so far. When you’re trying to impact people on the heart level, you need to beyond what’s expected and dare to give,’ she says.”


How David Ciccarelli Built a Multi-Million Dollar Online Marketplace on a Whiteboard

MixergyDecember 1, 2014
“One of the challenges that keep people from launching tech companies is that they can’t code.”

Setting up a Speed Interview

The Wall Street JournalNovember 21, 2014
“[...] I’m an advocate for speed interviews — fast-paced networking where hiring managers, supervisors and department heads can meet a number of candidates in a two-hour burst. An added bonus is that candidates are able to tour the office, meet employees and get a feeling for the corporate culture you have to offer.”


Weekend Read: Starting a Business with Your Spouse

The Wall Street JournalNovember 14, 2014
“My wife and I went into business together because we couldn’t see ourselves doing anything else — we met through working together and discovered that we made a wonderful team. When starting our company, we found that bankers and investors consider the husband/wife co-founder combo a risky business, but we were inspired by other husband and wife teams building remarkable organizations such as those at Cisco and Flickr.”


FedDev Ontario Invests $1.4 Million in Two London Organizations

TechVibesOctober 16, 2014
“ plans to hire up to 50 more employees over the next three years. The Canadian company says it will be embarking on a $3.6 million project to accelerate growth and job creation by supporting their markets, facilities, and technology—the "first Canadian project of its kind," according to”


What Do I Need To Do a Podcast?

Search Engine JournalOctober 19, 2014
“ suggests you plan for a 10-15 minute program, with each topic lasting 2-3 minutes. It also suggests using conversational language to avoid industry jargon when composing your script.”


Local Businesses Get Big Investment

CTVOctober 15, 2014
“The federal government is investing $1.4 million in two London-based organizations, saying it will help innovative business in the city grow.”

Why the Annual Performance Review Doesn’t Work

The Globe and MailOctober 8, 2014
“Everyone wants to receive regular, meaningful feedback from their supervisor that will help them to grow and better contribute to the company.”


The Smart Move for Growing Companies Is to Always Be Recruiting Talent

EntrepreneurOctober 7, 2014
Why would a company want to be always accepting resumes? You may be thinking this is a waste of time. On the contrary. Entrepreneurs and executives alike will find that this process is a significant time saver.


David Ciccarelli: Trend Spotting

The Wall Street JournalSeptember 30, 2014
Now is the best time to be creating an app preview video because the mobile app is the new website (similar to how podcasts brought radio into the digital world). The growing number of mobile device users – who, when they aren’t buried in their smartphone and tablet screens, are also prospects and customers – are spending more time looking for and using apps and less time using browsers.


Unconventional Places to Find Ideas for Your Next A/B Test

OptimizelySeptember 26, 2014
“ also analyzed competitors’ websites to determine their strategies. This helped them find opportunities to position themselves against competitors. The A/B tests that came out of this analysis contributed to an increase in conversion rates by 400%!”

What’s a Strategic Plan and Why You Need One

WeWorkSeptember 25, 2014
As the leader in your organization, you are tasked with casting a vision, setting your strategy, and defining how you’ll execute it. The first step is realizing how important strategy is in regard to your business’ success and developing a winning strategic plan to support it.


The C100 Map 2014 Edition: Showcasing Canadian Technology Success

C100September 24, 2014
“The C100 map is here! C100’s showcase of Canadian technology success has now officially become a tradition. Check out the 2nd annual map.”


How London, Ontario–based Optimized its Services for Foreign Markets

Canadian BusinessSeptember 10, 2014
“There’s nothing new about the market for voice actors. But with the advent of inexpensive digital recording technology and Web-based audio streaming, Ciccarelli seized on the opportunity to do all the brokering online.”


How to Grow a Business by Connecting People

Profit GuideSeptember 9, 2014
“When he set up a website offering recording services for voiceovers, Ciccarelli suddenly found himself fielding inquiries from actors across North America. He offered to post mini-profiles of the actors. Potential buyers started frequenting the site, looking for voice talent. The trick, Ciccarelli realized, was connecting one group with the other. “That,” he says, “was the a-ha moment.”


Debt-Financing Route Helps Keep Voice-Over Business in the Family

Financial PostSeptember 8, 2014
“The couple bootstrapped the company, choosing to keep it in their hands by taking the debt-financing route and supporting a slow but steady growth through sales.”


Trusting Your Gut Is Never More Important Than When Picking Your Team

EntrepreneurAugust 25, 2014
“Here are the key elements that guide the questions every entrepreneur should be asking during the final interview.”


CASE STUDY: Bluefoot Pirates Converts Leads with New Voicemail Greeting

Access DirectAugust 22, 2014
“By coordinating with an AccessDirect partner,, Jack was able to select from a pool of voice talent auditions and select the voice that he and his staff liked the best.”


How to Be a Not-So-Undercover Boss

WeWorkAugust 22, 2014
“It’s been said that a business is merely a group of people working together towards a common goal, generally referred to as the mission. If you can agree with simple definition in mind, it’s a good reminder that at the heart of your business is the people.”


The Ten Most Revealing Interview Questions

WorkopolisAugust 20, 2014
“They are standard queries for a reason: the responses to these questions tell you important things you need to know. But it can get boring for the interviewer, asking the same questions every time, and since candidates are expecting them, they often have their answers rehearsed. It can help to throw a curveball, or at least spice things up by taking a new approach.”


Going Global: How to Prepare to Take Over the World

Entrepreneur.comAugust 18, 2014
“Since the earliest days of the Internet, entrepreneurs have recognized the potential to export their goods and services worldwide, or to “go global” per se. But just how do you determine which countries to move into?”


4 Steps to Earning an MBA-in-a-Day in Your Own Company

Entrepreneur.comJuly 25, 2014
“To become an ‘MBA in a Day,’ entrepreneurs and business leaders can incorporate the same, basic strategies that universities and business schools offer, minus years of additional education or pricey tuition. Busy, already-savvy entrepreneurs can apply the consolidated and on-the-job knowledge to every stage of their business growth.”


My first job paid a dime, says David Ciccarelli, now CEO of

Examiner.comJuly 23, 2014
“In an exclusive Q&A with Renée Ward, David Ciccarelli, CEO an online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice actors, shares his first job experiences and what he learned along the way that still help him today.”


How to Impress the Boss at Your Startup Internship

The Wall Street JournalJuly 23, 2014
“If you’re paying dues as an intern at a startup this summer, here’s how to impress the boss. Check out the videos below from Christina Bechhold, co-founder of Empire Angels in New York City;  David Ciccarelli and Stephanie Ciccarelli, CEO and co-founder, respectively, of, a voice-over talent marketplace with 50 employees.”


4 Reasons to Join the Voiceover Business and Use

BackstageJuly 22, 2014
“You don’t have to go the traditional route. [] is a great opportunity for actors to get in front of a new audience, especially if they don’t have agency representation. There’s a huge variety of work with us—you can be doing readings for audio books or telephone or national radio and television.”


Secrets of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Marketers

Profit GuideJuly 21, 2014
“The marketing and media landscape inCanada can be brutal. Successful companies in this sector must innovate relentlessly, deliver exceptional results and keep demanding clients content to stay ahead of the often-cutthroat competition.” Launches New Partnership Programs

TechVibesJuly 10, 2014
“, the industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent, has designed and revealed an initiative that will facilitate relationships between the company and third-party affiliates. The purpose of partnerships will be collaboration on joint ventures, with a special focus on growth, reach, products, and training.”


If Advertisers Can Rise to the Mobile Challenge, the Rewards Will Be Huge

The GuardianJune 27, 2014
"The smartphone and tablet market is very fragmented, with a plethora of screen sizes that need to be supported. Even if you were to support only mobile devices from Apple, you would need to modify your landing pages to support the iPad, iPad Mini and two iPhone screen sizes. However, having a fully responsive site can be worth the effort you need to put in. reported a 140% increase in transactions from their responsive efforts."

It’s Time to Re-think The Way We Define Innovation

The Globe and MailJune 24, 2014
“What’s one of the biggest misperceptions on innovation? That it’s large businesses, with their vast resources, that are leading Canadian innovation. A recent survey of innovative businesses, by IDC and, debunked that notion and found innovation is not being driven wholly by big investments in research centres, but rather through the everyday use of technology particularly in small businesses.”


Now Hear This! Celebs like Katy Perry, Oprah Fuel Audiobook 'Golden Age'

TodayJune 23, 2014
“Celebrities bring with them a built-in audience,” says Lin Parkin, writer and editor for and Voice Over Times. “Having a big-name celebrity read an audiobook is likely to get more press coverage, which increases public interest and awareness of audiobooks.”


Write a Winning Business Plan With These 8 Key Elements

EntrepreneurJune 23, 2014
“Every business, whether a startup or a full-fledged, profitable organization, needs a business plan. To know where you are going, you have to know where you came from and what came before you.”


David Ciccarelli: Startup Success, Putting Your Issues in Perspective

The Wall Street JournalJune 18, 2014
“The best way to keep your sanity and soothe frayed nerves? Perspective. Navigating difficult business situations as an entrepreneur is offset by the high points; the days, weeks and even month-long stretches when everything comes together.” Maintains a 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating with Clicktools

ClickToolsJune 6, 2014
“With a global network of more than 125,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and more than 125,000 online clients, takes customer loyalty very seriously.”


Featured Entrepreneur

Start Up CanadaJune 4, 2014
“David Ciccarelli is the co-founder of, an online marketplace for voice-over services. The company was founded in 2003 by David and his wife, Stephanie, and began as an idea on a napkin at the kitchen table.” Embraces Technology to Keep Business Growth on a High Note

SalesforceMay 27, 2014
“The voice over industry is rapidly growing as the popularity of mobile gaming apps creates new opportunities for voice actors to showcase their skills., the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent, is benefitting from this expansion first-hand.”


6 Tips for Coming Up With Your Million-Dollar Business Idea

BPlansMay 18, 2014
“Don’t get focused on the tech or how to dominate the market, just identify a problem and set about solving it. By doing so, you’ll be advancing humankind.”


Let Your Own Customers Inform You

The Wall Street JournalMay 14, 2014
“You can keep your eyes and ears open by having Google alerts on your competitor, but this sort of constant monitoring can be discouraging, distracting and worst of all, emotionally consuming. Don’t take your eyes off the prize.”


Voice-over Entrepreneurs Make Their Own Good Vibrations

The Globe and MailMay 5, 2014
"As a North American market leader in its field, of London, Ont., knows a thing or two about connecting voice talent with the clients who need it."


Voices Begins Execution of Global Strategy

Tech VibesMay 5, 2014
“Now customers can use Voices in Latin American Spanish; the company recently announced that users speaking Latin America Spanish will be able to search, audition and hire voice-over talent in their native tongue.”


5 Important Reasons Why You Need to Redesign Your Website for the Mobile Web

WeWorkApril 30, 2014
“Too often, ‘mobile’ is a concept that is lumped in with other marketing buzzwords such as ‘social’ or ‘local.’ But, I challenge you to view mobile technologies as a competitive advantage. In many industries, your mobile strategy could be the reason why you win more business today and in the coming years.”


The Great Design Debate: Responsive or Optimized?

Website MagazineApril 24, 2014
“If your organization has yet to move into the mobile space, then getting a mobile site online quickly will be faster than redesigning the site of a large enterprise.  Mobile may be the best use case if it's a micro site and the site has a short shelf life. Otherwise, for long-term planning, responsive design has so many benefits.”


I’ll Take ‘Motivating Employees’ for $200, Alex

The Globe and MailApril 21, 2014
“Acknowledging achievements and setting new goals is fine, but if you are trying to create a dynamic culture for your team – while also finding a creative way to present information to them – traditional communication and meeting methods just don’t cut it.”


Finding Future Employees at Events

The Wall Street JournalMarch 13, 2014
“When most people think about networking, seldom do they think of it as a means to recruit a new team member — that is unless your business is growing rapidly and pursuing an aggressive round of hiring.”


B2B Web Optimization: 140% Surge in Mobile Transactions Through Responsive Design Effort

Marketing SherpaFeb. 19, 2014
“Although there are numerous actions a company can take to improve client outreach and interaction, there are also many things to avoid. Social media errors show a lack of competence and lower the fans’ and followers’ confidence.”


Need to Hire Quickly? Try Speed Interviewing

The Globe and MailJan. 26, 2014
“Like most startups, your first hire is the scariest because you lack a process. But as your team grows, an interview format is developed. In earlier days, we tended to interview practically everyone who applied, but as interest in working at our company grew and our requirements evolved, a new recruiting and interviewing format was required.”


The Daily Huddle: How an Information Blitz Can Improve Your Communications

ForbesJan. 21, 2014
“From a small two person operation that must divide their roles and responsibilities to avoid stepping on each other’s toes to the large enterprise with thousands of employees and an entire team dedicated to ensuring that the right message is communicated in a timely manner- internally at first, and then externally to stakeholders- effective communications as the basis for a thriving organizational culture.”


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Voice Talent for Your E-learning Course

ArticulateJan. 16, 2014
“So you’ve finished your course, nailed down your talking points, and mapped out your distribution. But have you thought about the voice that will bring your training to life?”


How Mid-Sized Cities Such as Louisville Can Continue to Attract Talent

Louisville Business FirstJan. 14, 2014
“David Ciccarelli, CEO of, shared with how he works to attract talent to his company’s headquarters in London, Ontario, a city that he said is not viewed as so hip or cool.”


Your Startup Is Located Where? How to Attract Talent to a Remote Area

The Wall Street JournalJan. 9, 2014
“It’s easy to recruit talent to Silicon Valley or to a hip startup in Manhattan, but what do you do when you need to expand your team in a ‘not-so-hot’ locale?”