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Trends for Creative Industries from Voices’s 2021 Annual Trends Report

London, ON | December 14, 2020

Voices has released their tenth annual trends report that looks at creative services industries—including advertising, education, media, entertainment, technology, and more—and provides insights into trends that impacted them in 2020 and makes predictions for trends in 2021. The report is based on a survey of creative professionals and leverages Voices’s vast internal data. 

The 2021 Annual Trends Report showcases that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted creative services industries across the board, accelerating digital transformation and changing both content strategies and the way businesses are doing work. 43% of survey respondents are doing more work with freelancers and over 50% of survey respondents are making more internet videos this year. 

Survey respondents indicated four trends that were impacting their businesses:

  • 52% cited a shift to remote work
  • 33% cited an increased demand for eLearning content and online training 
  • 20% cited the growing digital audio advertising space
  • 18% cited the increased popularity of voice-powered applications and devices

“2020 was a year that changed everything—when people did old things in new ways,” says Voices CEO and founder, David Ciccarelli. “More than ever, it’s important for brands to emotionally connect with their customers, and to do so in a safe way. Voice is proving to be both a medium and a means of creating emotion and is emerging as a key trend in our increasingly touchless world.”

To view the report, “2021 Annual Trends Report: Communicating through voice and video in a remote world,” and to discover even more trends visit

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