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Rio de Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, BR

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Portuguese (Brazilian)

Here you will have the opportunity to meet some of the versatility of my work. Phrases are planned, specifically appropriate the proposal of work (standard, institutional, promotional etc) respecting their characteristics and obeying the ultimate goal of my clients.
You'll notice that the narration unfolds fluently. What interpretations are dosed so that they provide the proper value to the "weight" of each word, emphasizing the promise of the products or services offered by my clients with credibility.

Finally, creative productions with carefully chosen tracks that align themselves with the content of the narrated text, and special effects applied with precision and balance generating a set with enriching elements that valued the audios plus differentiates them from the competition by providing highly efficient results .

Important: the audios were compressed (from 320 kbps to 80 kbps) so that they could fit inside the demo, with all the versatility of my work for you.
For this, the quality of the audio statement was compromised, but your work will be sent to 320 kbps (maximum quality) ie 4 times higher than shown.

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