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Barbara Ann Horne Demos

"Take Me I'm Yours" Audiobook by Donna Fasano

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult (18-35)
Chosen By New Yorks's Best Selling Author Donna Fasano, Barbara-Ann Narrated and Produced this touching romantic novel.
New Release! Sexy single dad Derek Mitchell had learned the hard way to never trust a beautiful woman. So although he would always be indebted to Lainey Adams for thwarting a kidnapping attempt on his beloved daughter, he wasn't about to show his gratitude by offering his heart on a silver platter! But what was the brooding bachelor to do when his matchmaking millionaire father rewarded Lainey's heroism... by giving her part of the family fortune? For despite Derek's love phobia, something about the beguiling Lainey touched his soul, filling him with hope-and desire. Yet he sensed that she was keeping secrets-the kind that could shatter his world...