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Joe Zieja

Burbank, California, US

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Joe Zieja

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Joe Zieja

  Burbank, California, US

Characterization, Cartoons, Voices, and Impressions

Characters Impressions Superhero Cartoon Exotic Funny Humorous Irish Italian North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

Talk about versatility! Joseph can offer you a wide range of voices, from deathly serious to seriously zany. Accents, impressions, and diverse voice acting skills can add anything from specific characterization to something that will make your audience laugh. If you don't hear something in the demo that you'd like, ask! He'll always give new things a shot for your video game, movie, cartoon - ANY project!

In this demo alone, you'll hear: British, Irish, Smurfs, Animal from the Muppets, Marvin the Martian, JFK, redneck, Russian, southern twang, and more!

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