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Richmond, Virginia, US

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  Richmond, Virginia, US


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Are you a do-it-yourself (diy) home-seller? Or are you a REALTOR looking to further distinguish your services from the pack, by bringing uniqueness and innovation to the way you promote the homes in your inventory, all the while strengthening the relationship between you and your sellers? Well read on ...

Every open house or walk through event desires that visitors feel or imagine the ambiance of a home. After all, most families don't purchase houses; they buy homes. So much so to sell a home and not just a house, some sellers enlist home-staging professionals to help a house appear already home-like. Some even leave out fresh baked goods to evoke the scents of home or leave on music to evoke the sounds of home. In many ways, these are the same tactics many retail stores, grocers, and to a large degree hotels take to promote consumer affection for their environments and generate sales.

Especially in the case of some grocers for instance, prepared and recorded music plays from ceiling speakers, with the intent to keep shoppers interested in their shopping experience. But at intervals the music is often superseded by recorded announcements of in-store sales and merchandising events.

So what if you could deploy that same marketing format in open-house or home walk-through environments, where recorded music on a loop is at intervals superseded by a 60 to 90 second, commercial-like narrative about the very home your potential buyers are in? Well with Rockland Sayward MEDIA's InSite Property Marketing service (InSite) you can!

We work with diy homeowner sellers, REALTORS, and home-stagers to create music & property narrative loop packages that take advantage of the very ambiance that sellers want to create and perhaps prospective buyers anticipate. If sellers are going to have ambient music playing in the background, during a real or virtual open house or a walk-through, why not make it work -market- for them? Use the music loop to deliver prospective buyers information about your home that just can't be conveyed effectively in any other way. Our narratives help buyers imagine themselves having their life in the home you're selling.

Take a listen to our REAL ESTATE MARKETING demo and let's talk about how your next sale could benefit from InSite Property Marketing.

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