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Philip Briggs Demos

Frederick, Maryland, US

Phil Briggs Internet Demo

Internet Video
English (North American)
Voice Age
Middle Aged
*Rarely do voice artists offer such an incredible range.*
Phil offers a warm, informative, knowledgeable read for a trustworthy narrator. But, he can also give deliver serious, high energy, movie trailer style perfect for that huge brand announcement that needs a serious, mature and booming voice.
Voice Keyword Descriptions;
Conversational, Friendly, Professional, Authentic, Believable, Confident, informative, warm, authoritative, engaging, explainer, how to, upbeat, articulate, inspirational, energetic, educational, corporate, natural, animated, casual, genuine, enthusiastic, deep, knowledgeable, calm, attractive, caring, amusing, trustworthy, sincere, youthful, strong, serious, narrator, aggressive, happy, comforting, dynamic, sophisticated, intellectual, motivational, bold, classy, high energy, movie trailer, thoughtful, commanding concerned, smooth, mature, attitude, uplifting, playful, tough, attentive, manly/masculine, soothing, easygoing, blue collar, funny, cartoon, bubbly, athletic, booming, abrupt, reassuring, endearing, slow paced, gravelly, gritty, proud, professional, brave, hip, humorous, rugged, persuasive, laid back, technical, edgy, raspy, sarcastic