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ACX Audiobook: Fighting Cancer On Your Own Terms - A Survivors Guide

Narrator Authoritative New Zealand

Voice Age
Middle Aged

Cancer strikes 1 in 3 people living on the planet today. with statistics like that the fate of millions of victims would seem grim indeed. This need not be the case! In this program Dr. Rj Williams Talks about the current state of Cancer treatment and the options available to you. He covers alternative treatments and reports upon the successes and failures of conventional treatments as well as how you can take an active roll in your own recovery and survival. keyword Search this title by: modern medical cancer survival treatments chemotherapy shock treatment radiation sickness health wellness alternative therapy natural cancer treatments remedies and cancer cures tumor breast cancer lung cancer esophagus smoking lungs hospital recovery surgery odds death mortality surviving cancer radiation treatments insurance coverage medical *** Fighting Cancer On Your Own Terms - A Survivors Guide By (Website hidden) Williams Runtime 4.5 Hours

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