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JoyRae Freeman Demos

Joy to the World - "Out Of Tragedy"

Voice Age
Middle Aged
Sample from 9-22-2001 Post 911 - Joy to The World - a weekly one hour (pre-produced) program broadcast on KSER, Everett, WA 7 AM Pacific
Program description and FORMAT:

It's a potpourri of music, INSPIRATION, FOLKSY FILOSOPHY, POETRY, HUMOR, STORY TELLING and introductions to people who are making a difference. It's lively, but not rowdy - it's sometimes serious, but not stuffy - it's a little funny, but not comical - and most of all - it's a passionate, sincere sharing from my heart to yours.

Lend me your ear and I'll give you my dreams. You'll hear words & music with themes that: speak truth to power, describe miracles, share alternative realties, encourage wholeness & health, include spiritual activism, are heart warming/enlightening/empowering & thought provoking, humorous and filled with vision and the hope of how we can create a brilliant future . . . TOGETHER.

Every morning, when we wake up and begin to experience the gift of a brand new day - we put on glasses with various colored lenses - perhaps Joy to the World will help you to see your days with a more hopeful, brighter and more beautiful view.

Maybe the humor will help you to smile a little more - and your smile may then brighten someone else's experience - bringing joy to their world.

When you hear about some of the good news, it could even inspire you to create some of your own. Or maybe a song or story will help you to feel compassion, gratitude and tenderness again.

We have the unique opportunity to create the world the way we really want it - full of beauty, abundance, peace, harmony and joy. This show is dedicated with love and light toward that potential. What do you have to lose - nothing but a little frown here and there, some stress or sadness, I'll bet.