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Of Pagliacci and the World

Storyteller North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

This is my very first voice demo. It is divided into two parts. The first is an excerpt from "Watchmen", an award-winning graphic novel written by Alan Moore. On page 27 of Chapter 2, the costumed antihero Rorschach sums up the life of the Comedian, another costumed vigilante, in the form of a "joke". This piece is based on Rorschach's said monologue.

The second is a narrative piece called "My World". In this, my character is Brother Dominic, a Venetian monk who swore never to leave the church's grounds. Despite his oath, he has a very good friend who's travelled the world on many ships and told him everything he saw. Dominic has known the mariner to be a good man and believes every word he says. He then take his information and decides to create a world map. His inner thoughts are being told through the monologue.

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