Peter W


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Peter W

Category Radio
Language English (North American)
Voice Age Young Adult (18-35)
Description Peter Wood has always been fascinated with themed experiences. Whether creating sets for the theatre, special effects for film, or magic for a live audience, Peter knows that it all comes down to storytelling.

He became fascinated with magic and special effects at an early age. The magic bug bit him with a magic kit for his fifth birthday. With special effects, Peter was very upset seeing Jaws as a child, especially as the character Quint gets vividly eaten at the end. Peter's mother explained that it wasn't a real shark, but was in fact a special effect, opening up a whole new world of "what if's" for him.

Before long, Peter had crafted various theater settings in his basement, using household curtains as the "main rag," and clip-on lights as theatrical instruments. Several iterations later, Peter and his family crafted a raised stage in their backyard, complete with trap door, fog ductwork, flash pots, and a centralized light board. Building upon his interest in theatre from middle and high school, he decided upon theatre for a college degree.

Concurrent to his theatrical endeavors, Peter's interest in magic grew, first as a hobby, and then into a business in 1994. "Shazam Magic" has since become a thriving enterprise, allowing Peter to entertain children and adults throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. His performances are a blend of baffling magic and inherent comedy, working with classic illusions, but adding his own unique twist.

Peter holds a Technical Theatre degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and is a member of the International Thespian Society. He's also a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the International Magician's Society, and the Society of American Magicians (the latter of which he's held offices in at the local level).