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Category Television
Language English (British)
Voice Age Middle Aged (35-54)
Description Often described as “sophisticated” and “sexy,” Nick Smith’s signature voice instantly captures your listeners’ attention as it brings credibility to whatever message you need delivered. Here is a voice that is smooth, attractive, and calming.

Other adjectives that describe his sound include:
Provocative, hot, racy, sexy, playful, stimulating, evocative, sensual, erotic, romantic, tantalizing, adult content, the very sexy voiceover, natural, believable, sophisticated, classy, smooth, British Jaguar commercial, warm, friendly, casual, smooth, easygoing, sincere, believable, amusing, animated, conversational, professional, elegant, thoughtful, uplifting, gentle, genuine, honest, informative, intelligent, mature, polished, powerful, professional, pure, real, refined, refreshing, relevant, reliable, seasoned, smart, smooth, soothing, strong, stylish, talented, trendy, trustworthy, upbeat, versatile.

Standard British, UK, Posh, Upper Class, Proper, RP (Received Pronunciation), Queens English, BBC English, King's English, Oxford English.